Thursday, 9 January 2014

VIP Ben Sherman Party for LC:M.

After rushing around between Victoria House and The Hospital Club yesterday at London Collections: Men, I then went to meet my colleague Dan at Cafe Royal. He was no where to be found, but thankfully I found Jaime, Leroy and Prince Cassius there so sipped cocktails and had a catch up with them. When Dan and Jasiminne finally arrived but couldn't get in due to full capacity, I decided to leave before the show at Cafe Royal started to go to the Ben Sherman VIP party with them.

Photo from Jasiminne.

We taxi-d it over to the glamorous and gorgeous London Edition Hotel, and waited for Edd to get there so he could get us our wristbands. While waiting Jasiminne and I ordered cocktails, wine, and triple-cooked chips....sadly we misheard the barman and thought he said 'truffle cooked chips', so we excitedly ordered them and then were a little disheartened when they arrived and definitely weren't truffle chips. Anyway, they were delicious anyway, but I'm pretty sure we were the only people during fashion week feasting on chips!

Eventually Edd arrived and escorted us down the stairs with our wristbands. The event itself was awesome, mannequins showing off Ben Sherman clothing behind glass cases, whilst everyone mingled and eyed up the AW14 collection. The music was brilliant, and we had great fun celeb-spotting! I had my DSLR with me but was told I wasn't allowed to take photos (boo!), so I managed to sneak some on my phone, and Jasiminne got some pics of the clothing on her little Leica.

Photo from Jasiminne.

The most awkward faux kiss photo ever. We love it.

Edd and I. Not as photogenic as usual (we're literally the most photogenic non-couple ever), I look exhausted!

An excellent night Mr Sherman, thanks for having us!


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