Sunday, 26 January 2014

Things to Look Forward to 2014 Edition.

Every year I do a 'things to look forward to' post, just to remind me how lucky I am if I ever have a down day. It's January, we all get them after months of being stuck in darkness and rain every day! So here's my 2014 edition, we're not even at the end of the first month of 2014 and already things are looking pretty good. *Fingers crossed* it stays that way!


I start my new job in just 5 weeks, and I can't wait! I've wanted this position for months, and after a lengthy interview process I've finally got my start date and I'm so excited to be joining such an amazing company! I'm going to miss my colleagues from my old company loads, they've become true friends, but I'm very excited for the future now and can't wait to get stuck in in my new position!


In just 2 weeks I'm going back to Australia! I booked it right after Christmas as a 'need sunshine asap' trip. I'm so excited, there's so much to look forward to for this trip!

1. I get to see all my friends again, and I'll be staying with a couple of them
2. I get to see my bestie who I haven't seen for 2.5 years due to her travelling!
3. I'm spending a lovely 2.5 weeks back home in Perth
4. I'm gonna eat my way around my favourite cafes and restaurants
5. Mini-roadtrips, obvs
6. The girls and I are finally going to the beautiful Lake Leschenaultia!
7. I'll hopefully be heading over to Rottnest Island again for a day
8. Sailing on the swan river
9. Beach
10. Sunshine and super hot weather (30's-40's!)
11. I get to do and see all the things I've missed
12. I'm heading over to Sydney for 2 days for some exciting meetings
13. I'm staying at the amazing Shangri La in Sydney, which has epic views of the Opera House!


Just a week after booking Australia, I also booked Cuba (yes, I'm now broke and living off my credit card - bring on payday!). Ciara, Jasiminne and I are off to Havana and Cayo Largo for 10 days in May over the bank holiday weekend. We went for dinner a coupla weeks ago to plan it all and discuss the most important thing...what we're going to pack! So, things to look forward to in Cuba;

1. After about 10 years of wanting to go, I'm finally going!
2. Havana
3. Riding in a classic car
4. Going to a show at the Tropicana Club (uber touristy, but you gotta do it!)
5. Visiting Hemmingway's house
6. Going to the original Floridita
7. Staying in a Casa Particular and seeing how the locals live
8. Flying to Cayo Largo, a little paradise island, for some R&R
9. Visiting the sea turtle sanctuary/hatchery
10. Visiting Playo Paraiso, one of the top beaches in the world


- I'm seeing Twelve Angry Men this week (finally!)
- I'm also finally seeing Giselle, next week at the ROH
- I'm off for a weekend away with my family just before I go to Australia
- By the time I get back from Australia summer will be on it's way!
- Lots of events to look forward to in the spring and summer months
- My birthday in April! Sad I'm getting old, but also very excited to celebrate!



  1. Ah this is such a good idea, I must make myself a list of things to look forward to.

  2. And you finally get to meet moi ;)
    Such a nice idea, I guess the biggest thing we have to look forward to is the move AHHH ( as if after nearly 3 years of planning its finally happening!). Cuba will be amazing for you, I've love to go one day xo

    1. YES! I'm so excited!!

      Ahh I'm so jealous, I can't believe you've been planning it for 3 years - that's insane!

      Well I'll make sure to blog all about it so you can see what it's like ;)

      C x

  3. I stayed at the Shangri La in Sydney, it is amazing!

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