Monday, 2 December 2013

Special K Challenge Update #3.

Remember last time I gave you an update, how I was determined to master sit-ups because I fell asleep while doing them one morning? Yeh...well...I DID IT! I'm so good at them now, I can even hold myself half way, my gosh I can feel my muscles working! It's been so worth it though because I've already noticed a difference, to the point I'm actually considering doing those before and after bikini shots :/ hmm...we'll see! I've still got another month to go before I finish the challenge, and I think I'm going to carry it on a bit longer because I took a few weeks off when I was sick with suspected glandular fever. 

Apart from that I don't have much else to update you on. I've decided I'm going to start ice-skating again on the weekends, I just need to find my ice-skates first! They have sessions on the weekends at my local ice rink for people with figure skates, so hopefully it should be quite quiet and not too busy on the ice. So hopefully the next update I give you will be about how I got on back on the rink!

I'm doing quite well with the healthy eating thing, it helps that I've been so busy the past couple of weeks I haven't had time to snack, so I've just been having my main meals and have lost a couple of pounds because of it. However, I did have a burger for lunch yesterday, and I bought 4 cupcakes (they're the best cupcakes ever)...the day before the British Fashion Awards. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person going to these who was scoffing on burgers and cupcakes the day before. If I look chubs in my dress tonight, you know why! 



  1. Well done, I might try the sit up thing, especially if you know it's working!

  2. I would love to read the post about the ice skating - sounds so interesting!!


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