Friday, 20 December 2013

PHOENIX Magazine Winter Party.

Tuesday night was the launch party of PHOENIX Magazine's Winter issue 'Hearts Are Wild', at my old favourite Ruski's Tavern. PHOENIX is a quarterly lifestyle magazine, that's distributed worldwide. I headed down Tuesday night with Jasiminne, Edd, Oli and Henry, and we partied the night away until I was so exhausted I just had to head home. We sipped on Moscow Mules and 'Hearts Are Wild' cocktails, and met some cool new people.

Photo from Posh, Broke & Bored.
Jasiminne looked amazing as always in a 'Snow Maiden's Ball' themed outfit. The party's theme was 'Snow Maiden's Ball', but as it was in a club and I had to rush there from work, I just threw on my un-ironed LBD and a jacket. You know when you just regret wearing something and wish you'd worn a different outfit? Yeh, that. Anyway, Henry wore his heirloom Christmas jumper. Tis amazing.

Photo from Posh, Broke & Bored.

There's a new mural on the wall in Ruski's, and Jasiminne and I are convinced it's Antoin! It's such an uncanny resemblance, he denies it, but we don't believe it. Just look!
Photo from Posh, Broke & Bored.

We had a great night, however, I did not appreciate Oli and Henry making me stand outside on a street corner for 20minutes in the rain while they drank off-license vodka and discussed politics and made me talk about work (social media management). Here's a clue...when you hear about another crazy UKIP's them. Journalists, take note. They're gonna kill me for this. #ToryAllTheWay 

Also, it was a shame I was 100% sober, so I had to watch everyone else drunk. And I realized that drunk people are really annoying. Like, don't even think about walking into me bitch. And guys who get angry when you won't sit at their table with them? What is with that! Anyway, rant over, fab party, looking forward to Christmas and NYE now! Thanks PHOENIX Mag for a great night! 


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