Wednesday, 11 December 2013

December Instagram Updates.

Sorry for not posting in so long, I've had a rather busy week and this is the first time I've had time to sit down and relax/write for over a week. This is just a quick instagram update, and then I'll have some 'proper' posts for you next week as I have so much to blog about and tell you!

So the 1st December started with the advent calendar!! YUM! Dylan celebrated the month of festivities with his Santa Hat...

The end of Autumn and start of Winter always brings some crazy weather (how weird was all that thick fog today!), however it also brings crisp fresh days, and cool mornings standing on the train platform at 7:30am watching the sun rise and light up the sky in some amazing ways...

The photo below is especially for my mum. Proof that I did take Dylan for a walk a couple of weeks ago on the weekend when everyone else was busy ;)

My bargain shoes. These were such an amazing find. I went to town to get new blusher, and then saw H&M had a student discount promotion on. Although I'm not a student, my student card is still valid, so I went to see if they had anything good. Forget the discount, I found the sale items! I never really find anything really great in sales, so was shocked when I saw these beauties, and noticed they were the only ones left in my size! WIN. I actually wore these to the British Fashion Awards last week. Yup, £5 sale shoes, to the British Fashion Awards, with a £400 loaned dress. I know how to be controversial.

This time of year work is always really busy. November was full of all of the SS14 press previews, including my clients', and all of the photoshoots have been happening for the new collections. Exciting times!

This is our office dog, isn't she a cutie?! She gives us some giggles in meetings.

We had the younger members Christmas dinner at the club last week, they really do know how to do Christmas Trees! I can't wait to see the big tree up in the main entrance hall!

Last night I went to my old Uni for Dominos with one of my old housemates from Uni. She's doing a second degree there so it means I can go and visit and pretend to be a student again ;) We watched Hunger Games, had lots of pizza, and finished it with Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Cookie Dough of course. I then got home to Dylan fast asleep with blue blanket and red dog.... awww! Just look at his roll of fat!

Today during lunch I stumbled across a shop in Clerkenwell that does 3D printing. They were showing me how the products are made with 3D printers and I was completely shocked to learn that you can create jewellery...actual metal jewellery...that looks nice...with a PRINTER. A 3D Printer. Insane!

I still can't believe how busy the first 2 weeks of December have been! This post doesn't even cover half of it! Very excited for the next couple of weeks, got lots planned and I can't wait to share it all with you :) 


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  1. Wow that 3D printer thing makes me feel really confused, I have no idea how they do it!


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