Tuesday, 3 December 2013

British Fashion Awards 2013.

To say I was excited about the British Fashion Awards would be an understatement. If you've been following me on Twitter for the past couple of weeks you'll probably at some point have seen an over excited tweet about it. Last night the evening finally arrived, and it was amazing. 

After trying on each dress over and over again, I finally decided on the Nina Sequin Dress. Phase Eight kindly lent me the dress for the event, and it was a complete show-stopper. 

I've never had so many people come up to me telling me how beautiful I look! Before I'd even left the club where I'd changed? Yup. Walking down the street to get a taxi? Yup. Getting to the event? Yup. Leaving the event? Yup. On the tube? Yup. Standing at Waterloo waiting for my train? Yup. Amazing. It was like being in a movie...heads turning as I walked past doing double-takes, with people in the street shouting at me that I looked amazing. This never happens to me.

Anyway, the actual event. Edd and I arrived and as predicted we nobodies were ushered through the door, the 'normal' people not even allowed to step onto the red carpet where the celebrities and designers were. Inside we headed upstairs to the drinks reception, and while waiting to drop my coat off started melting under a huge theatre spotlight. All hot and bothered and melting, Edd thrust a glass of champagne in my hand to calm/cool me down. It worked. 

As is standard at these events, waiters were circuiting at all times re-filling your glass every time it was half empty, to the point everyone stopped standing around eyeing each other up and actually mingled! We met some really cool personal shoppers, and two image consultants spotted us and asked for our photo. We mingled and drank champers, eyed up the Green & Black's ice cream but decided against it, and people watched.

Of course it was the perfect place to look at what people were wearing. The dress code was Black Tie, but of course being a fashion event, there were a lot of people who ignored the dress code. I was quite impressed with the amount of women wearing full length dresses though, and some of them were amazing. My favourites were a woman in a full length black and gold number with her hair done up all fancy, she looked like a movie star! And then there was another woman wearing a full length dark blue all-sequined dress, which was absolutely stunning! 

After the drinks reception we headed into the theatre for the awards. To be entirely honest I don't remember all of it...I only remember Kate Moss winning her award, and Donatella Versace (O.M.G I was in the same room as her!) presenting an award! 

Our seats were really high up, but you could see almost everything (apart from the video - you could only see half the screen...so we could only see people's legs rather than their faces). After the awards we left to go back to the club to collect our things, we walked all the way from the Coliseum to Mayfair; running through Yates' bar to use the loos, much to the shock of the bouncers and patrons, before skipping through St James' barefoot full of champagne bubbles. 

At Waterloo I grabbed a Burger King before my train, and got some looks standing in the queue in this beautiful dress, me holding it up while trying to juggle all of my bags. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched my pillow, blissfully happy that I'd been to one of the most lusted-after awards ceremonies, wearing the most beautiful dress. 

PS; how amazing is this goodie bag!?

MAC Lipstick in 'Lady Danger', MAC False Lashes Mascara, Label M Hair Products, Green & Black's Chocolate, a pen (you can never have too many), a flag (random), and a signed postcard from Paul Smith! There was also popcorn and water, but that went pretty quickly during the awards.



  1. Ahhh looks like you had the most amazing time, you get invited to such good events! Also, you looked absolutely stunning in your dress!

  2. Looks like you had a totally fab night and that dress is just stunning!

  3. What an amazing night! You looked stunning, such a beautiful dress :)

  4. This dress is absolutely stunning and I am so jealous you got to go!

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  5. What an incredible night! You looked beautiful, such an exquisite dress :)
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