Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Perfect Winter Jacket.

With the climate decreasing rapidly as we enter the dark depths of winter, it's probably time to get my winter coat out. I have quite a few coats...a whole wardrobe full actually. I love jackets, blazers, coats, all different styles and colours. Joules range of women’s jackets was recently brought to my attention, and after having a browse, I'm in love with quite a few, so thought I'd share them with you.

Fur is big this season, faux fur that is. No one likes real fur...unless it's which case it's recycled...and ethical... *nods*. Anyway, thankfully Joules have the most gorgeous tweed jacket with a beautiful collar of thick faux fur! It would be perfect for so many winter outings, from weekends in the country to pairing it with jeans and chelsea boots for a day running around London in the snow. 

Holker Tweed Coat - £199.

Next up is another fur-trimmed piece, this time a 1940's inspired 'full on' winter coat. I am completely in love with the colour and style of this coat, it looks so timeless and sophisticated, and the colour and type of tweed it's made from means it's bang on trend.

Harkiss Tweed Glenmore Coat- £250.

Now for another blazer, I adore this little grey number (they say it's looks more greyish to me). It can be dressed up or down, and would be just as comfortable in the city as it would be in the country. It also has elbow patches which I love!

Henford Women's Blazer - £99.95

Finally, it's the classic trench coat. My trench coat was from United Colours of Benetton, and to be honest I'm really disappointed with it, it doesn't feel very good quality, so I'm on the hunt for a new replacement. This one is a lovely desert brown colour, and I love the fact it's single breasted. So many trench coats are double breasted, and although I love a bit of DB, I like the single breastedness of the Maycroft from Joules.

Maycroft Trench Coat - £129.

Whenever I think of Joules I think of the wellies and rugby jerseys, but after browsing their website and seeing just how lovely some of their clothes are, they'll definitely be on my shopping radar in future! 

What's your perfect winter coat? I'm still desperately searching for a floor length 'Javert' (Les Mis) military coat!

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  1. Beautiful jackets and although heritage isn't my style at all - I really like the first one with, it's very Ralph Lauren :O). Xx

    1. I'm not usually a fan of Heritage style jackets either, but these ones are gorge! Yes, the first one is my fave too ;)

      C x

  2. Gorgeous jackets! I like all of them, but where I live, it's too "country" to be this stylish without people looking at me like I just landed from Mars, lol. I DO, however, still put on my high heels, skinny jeans, super awesome tunic tops, and bling it ALL OUT! No matter how many stares I get. ;) So, I might just go ahead and get some more stylish jackets and smile when anyone looks at me cross, lol. Awesome bog!

    1. Haha! You go girl! Who cares what people think, as long as you're happy and feel the bees knees, that's all that matters! :D

      Thank you!

      C x


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