Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Dress.

So on Monday I'm off to the British Fashion Awards, and on Thursday I suddenly had a complete panic about what to wear! The invitations arrived a couple of weeks ago, but it's come around so quickly and I've been so busy that I just haven't had time to find an outfit. I'm quite lucky that I sit with the PR team at work, so they told me to call something in. One company immediately came to mind, my mum used to work for them and their gradual re-brand has been on my radar for a while, in particular one such collection which is a collection of beautiful black tie/red carpet dresses. They sent me two to try, so I need you all to help me decide which one! 

I'll tell you at the end which company these dresses are from, as I think you'll get the shock of your life, but they are both absolutely beautiful, and I cannot thank them enough for being so kind and couriering them over to my office on the same day. So, which one?

Number one (above) is pretty show-stopping, utterly gorgeous, oh so glamorous, and great for my cleavage. However, it is a size too big, and therefore is quite long, and it hangs off my waist and all of the weight of the dress falls onto my (already huge) hips, making them look even bigger then usual. It really is way too long - I'm wearing 5inch heels in the photo above and it's still too long!

This one makes my waist/curves look a bit Marilyn Monroe, which I love!
Number two (above) is best for my figure and completely gorgeous too. It's so flattering and nips in at my smallest part - the waist, then skims over my huge hips and falls beautifully. It's the right size so fits perfectly and the length is right so I don't have to wear absolutely huge heels with it. It's also so so pretty, but more understated and subtle than Number one. 

Both of these dresses are from Phase Eight's Collection 8 range, with Number One being the Colette in silver, and Number Two being the Nina Sequin dress.

So, which one do I go for? Number one or number two?


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  1. I prefer the first dress :) The second one is lovely too - and the detailing is beautiful, but I think overall the first one is prettier :)



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