Sunday, 10 November 2013

Special K Challenge Update #2.

So the Kelloggs Special K Challenge is going...ok. I'm eating much healthier than I used to, I'm not snacking on bad foods as much as I used to. I'm walking further, and I'm also eating much lighter lunches instead of huge meals from Exmouth Market. The New Covent Garden tomato soup is my new fave - zomg it's amazing. The most important part of my eating though, is I now make sure I always have breakfast. I've become addicted to the Special K red berry porridge sachets as they're currently on offer at Budgens, which is opposite my work. £1 for a box, so I stocked up! They're so handy to keep at work and have when I get in in the mornings.

The exercise part isn't going so well. I still haven't made it to the gym or any classes...but really, I don't have the time. It's party season, which means I have various work, social, family, press events almost every single day and night from now until Christmas. I'm having to turn down so many events because I'm simply booked up 5 weeks in advance, so to try and get to the gym around that is a bit insane. To try and make up for not being able to go to the gym I've been doing exercises at home in the mornings and before I go to bed. I've been doings situps, squats, and I have some weights for arm exercises. 

I'm really getting the hang of squats, and each time I do them I try and push myself that bit further, holding it longer or going down further. Situps I struggle with...the other week I laid down on my bedroom floor at about 6:30am...realized how comfortable the floor is when you're exhausted and awake at 6:30am...and instead of doing situps, had a nap there and then on the floor. Epic fail. 

As well as doing those normal exercises I'm also doing ones I used to do when I did figure skating, so there's this move called a Spiral, which you can see Karen Magnussen doing below... it improves balance, stomach muscles and leg muscles, so I'm doing these too...but on land rather than skating across the ice. Sadly I don't even have time to ice-skate anymore either - that was ah-mazing for my tummy muscles, arms and legs!

I'll give you another update in the next week or two, I'm hoping that the next one I give you will be about me mastering the art of the sit-up! Wish me luck!


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  1. Haha I love how you have written this post, it made me chuckle about the nap! I would love to be coordinated to do figure skating - looks so elegant! Look forward to reading your next post :) xx


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