Monday, 25 November 2013


Continuing my cultured/musical week, on Wednesday I went to the Royal Albert Hall with the girls and M. Barts Choir were performing Brahms' Requiem, and Ciara was supposed to be singing with them, until I got a call the week before from her timidly asking 'Is it ok if I just sit in the audience with you guys? I haven't practiced enough'. I told her we would just pretend she was singing, so on Wednesday we all met for dinner, then went to the beautiful Royal Albert Hall for the concert.

We were very lucky to have the most amazing seats (thank you HRH!), I can't say exactly which box we were in...but I think you can guess from that sneaky reference ;) We had an amazing view, although I'm still confused as to why this box isn't in the middle of the venue, and why it's off to the right hand side!? So weird. 

The next day, Ciara and I went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Opera House. I'm not a massive fan of opera, but I love ballet, and Romeo and Juliet is one I haven't seen before. I booked the tickets way back in the summer, so had been looking forward to it for months! It definitely didn't disappoint, it was so beautiful, and because I already knew the story line I didn't have to concentrate much like I did when I saw the Nutcracker last year, I could just sit back and enjoy it. 

We had seats really high up as they were waaayy cheaper. We could still see everything though so it was fine. After the performance we snuck down to where the edge is so we could see the beautiful ceiling!

I'm sure Ciara is sick of seeing me now, three times in one week has to be a record (apart from our trip to Paris). Thankfully I won't be seeing her for a while now, so our friendship is safe ;)


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