Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tissot 160th Anniversary Bash.

Thursday evening was the Tissot 160th Anniversary/Birthday party at Supperclub in Notting Hill. I went with some of my colleagues straight after work, and we met some of my friends there. Henry and Edd were told they had to be on their best behaviour with my colleagues in attendance (I didn't have to worry about Rich, he's always good!)...however they didn't listen and before I knew it glasses were smashed, Haribo were being thrown everywhere, and Edd was spritzing the waiters with cologne to 'make them smell nice'. The waiters weren't too impressed and wondered what on earth he was doing.

However the evening did start off very civilized. We arrived at the red carpet, were handed Bellini's, and started mingling. Jokes, who actually mingles with strangers at these things!? Everyone just chats within their own groups and gives you evils if you so much as try to talk to them. So just like everyone else we just spoke to the people we already knew. 

As the bar filled up the huge doors into the actual venue slid open, revealing display cases with Tissot watches, the history of Tissot lining the walls, and a huge rotating video cube in the centre of the room in front of the DJ booth. Of course being Supperclub, the walls were also lined with huge beds. We wandered through and headed straight for a bed, it was a bit strange sitting on it in heels, with my arm leaning on a table in the center of it.

After a speech from the President of Tissot and entertainment from the dancers, they started bringing round canapes. The canapes were ah-mazing! Mini burgers, fish and chips, risotto, and sushi. And it was never-ending! After the canapes were dessert bowls full of Haribo sweets and Lindt truffles. It was also free drinks all night. Now this is my kinda party!

Henry and Rich found the baby sized forks to go with the Risotto hilarious!

After the Bellini's were finished, out came the Whiskey Sours. This was going to be my last alcoholic drink as I had a horrible cold, but when my third coca-cola arrived it tasted a bit odd...Edd told me "Oh yeh, it's full fat coke, you had diet before", "Err, no...I always have full fat..."..."Erm, well we may have put vodka in it..." Henry responded. So basically my friends spiked my drink with alcohol. I gave up with my no alcohol thing then, and before I knew it I had joined them in throwing Haribo in the air and dancing til my feet hurt. And my colleagues? Thankfully they loved the guys and threw themselves into the dancing too!

Edd and Henry with their free Whiskey Sours. We love free drinks.

Happy Birthday Tissot, thanks for having us, we had an absolutely awesome night!

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*disclaimer: the glass was smashed accidentally, we don't go around purposefully smashing glasses at events! 

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