Thursday, 10 October 2013

Special K Challenge Update #1

If you read my Big Challenge post a couple of weeks ago, you'll know that I'm taking part in the Special K Change For The Better campaign. Kelloggs Special K are sponsoring a few bloggers to make a change in their life that will make them happier. I've chosen to pledge to tone up and get fit! So how has my first 2 weeks been? Busy. 

I'm trying to walk to work as much as possible (even in the rain!), and as we recently moved offices, my walk is now almost 6 miles a day (there and back) rather than 5. I've been so busy lately with events and things that I've barely had a free evening to myself let alone to hit the gym, but things are calming down now so Claire and I are gonna go this week. 

The gym situation is a frustrating one. The gym I can use for very little fee is back home in Guildford, but as I work in London and don't get home to Guildford til 8pm, the last thing I want to be doing at that time is hitting the gym. I've been trying to find one in London to join for just 2-3 months, preferably one that's on my walk home to the station so I'm in that motivation zone, but none of them do 2-3 month membership packages! 

I had huge issues with LA Fitness a month or so ago, they were offering 3 months or something for £99 - perfect! Then I get in there and they basically forced me to sign up to a 12 month contract there and then, telling me I could get all this free stuff (which I then never got - ie; personal training sessions). Then, I found out from some research that the LA Fitness contract is a credit agreement which means if you cancel, it can affect your credit rating (not a great thing when I'm looking to buy a flat in the next year). So I cancelled quickly before my 2 week cooling off period was up. I was also really annoyed with them because the facilities and classes were shockingly shit for the price I was going to be paying had I not cancelled, and they never gave me an induction so I didn't even know how to use some of the equipment as it was a different make to what I'm used to. Surely that's illegal?! When I was a student and worked in a gym for 3 years, we had to give everyone an induction before they used any equipment, otherwise if something happened to them we wouldn't be insured? Ugh, anyway, I'm not a huge fan of LA Fitness and very quickly got out of there. 

So anyway, this week I'm going to the RAC gym with Claire, and hopefully that one will be a lot nicer. Plus it'll be nice to go to a gym with a friend who has the same goals as me (toning & increasing fitness). Also Special K have been really lovely, they sent a huge box of goodies in the post last week which was a total surprise. I'm not a huge cereal fan, I'm a Porridge girl, so I loved the sachets of porridge they sent as they're perfect for work. And I love love love the sea salt and balsamic crisps, and the Chocolate 'biscuit moments' bars! The only bad thing, is that the box of crisps was a large box rather than individual packets...which wasn't great for portion control. Instead of the 95 calories or whatever per individual packet, I ate the entire box...400+ calories one day :/ woops! They're just so moreish! I did share some of them with my colleagues though...but only a few. I don't share food.

So that's my update for this week - look out for my next one in 2 weeks time when I'll be telling you all about how I've been getting on at the gym!



  1. and I really hope if youre serious about getting fit that you're not touching that chemical minefield with a bargepole, yucky!

    Good luck though poppet and feel free to email me whenever xo

  2. Good luck! I didn't even know Special K did porridge. All that walking everyday will definitely keep you fit!


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