Thursday, 3 October 2013

Operation Blogger Tag - My Box.

So after the lovely Jasiminne completed her #OperationBlogger box before me, I thought I ought to get cracking! Every year I do the same, I make a box for a Girl aged 10-14, as they always say that people tend to make a box for the younger kids and the older ones miss out. So this year I decided to be a bit different, and make one for a Boy aged 5-9. The whole box cost me just £11.52, for ALL these goodies! That £11.52, which is less than what my foundation costs me, will make a needy child's Christmas a special one and one to remember.

So what's in the box?

Educational Items: 
Colouring Pencils, Gel Pens, Ruler, Pencil, Rubber and Pen - £1 - Poundland
Two Notebooks - £1 - Poundland
Pencil Case - £1 - Poundland

Hygiene Items:
Flannel - 99p - Superdrug
Comb - 99p - Superdrug
Face/Hand Wipes - 99p - Superdrug
Bath Soap - 60p - Tesco
Toothpaste - 25p - Tesco
4x Toothbrushes - 70p - Tesco

Toys/Fun Stuff:
3x Bags of Sweets - £1 - Tesco
YoYo - £1 - Poundland
3x Toy Musical Instruments - £1 - Poundland
Stuffed Toy (London 2012 Olympic Mascot) - £1 - The Entertainer

Total Cost: £11.52

If you would like to take part in #OperationBlogger and help a needy child this Christmas, please see my previous post here. Once you've completed your box, make a £3 donation per box on the website (for postage costs), then print out a label, stick it to the inside of the lid of your box, and drop it off at your nearest shoezone!

I think it's a fantastic thing to do, and even though Christmas isn't just about gifts, every child deserves a treat at this time of year and I love doing my bit and knowing that I've made a child happy. For me I'd rather spend my money on this than on a Blogger Secret Santa or something. I usually spend £20 on Operation Christmas Child, so I might do another box, I'll keep you updated!

If you make a box, make sure to blog about it and then send me the link so I can add it below :)

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  1. That's a fab idea making a box for older kids...
    Fab box! So many goodies x

  2. I really want to do this but don't know where I'm meant to send the box once it's done? How do I send it off? I'd really appreciate if you could email me some details to asap as it's something that's really close to my heart and I'd love to be involved. Thank you Niki xx

  3. Hi Niki,

    If you read my previous post that I linked to, it includes it all in there as this post it just about my box. I've just added a bit at the bottom though - you just have to drop it off at Shoezone. All the information is on the OCC website!

    C x

  4. Great to see you involved again this year Catherine. I am planning a virtual packing party on twitter in the next week or so, might you be interested to be involved and to spread the details to your blogging contacts? Mich x @michelletwinmum

    1. Me again! if you can join us Catherine or tweet to spread the word, then here are the details of our virtual packing party. Thanks, Mich x

    2. Me again! if you can join us Catherine or tweet to spread the word, then here are the details of our virtual packing party. Thanks, Mich x


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