Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone! We all got to dress up for work today and finish early for the work Halloween Party, I just donned my fairy wings, dark red lippy and black tulle/sequined dress and went as an evil fairy. Easy peasy. I was going to go as a strawberry, as Primarni were selling strawberry onesies, but then I realized I'd have to actually buy a onesie and the thought of that just creeped me out too much. I'm sorry, I'm sure they're very comfy...but they're just weird. So anyway I bought a witch's outfit for Dylan just for fun, I think he rocks it. 

Dylan isn't the biggest fan of his witch's outfit as you can see from his 'not impressed' faces in the above photos...and he tried rolling it off him as you can see below. He's such a fluffy boy! 

This year I haven't been to a Halloween party. I had three different ones I was supposed to go to on Saturday, and I couldn't decide which one to go to so I went to France for the day with the family instead. It was really lovely, we just went over to Calais and stocked up on wine and croissants and then had a quick run on the beach before getting the ferry back in the was a bit windy. It was a really great day though and by the time we got home it was way too late to head into London for the parties. I'm off to a Halloween house party tomorrow night though so looking forward to dressing up for that!

What are you up to for Halloween?



  1. It's amazing how you can hop over to France on a quick ferry ride haha :) Your dog is so cute! Happy Halloween!

    Erica | Abundance of Erica



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