Monday, 9 September 2013

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.

On the bank holiday Saturday my brother and I packed our bags and flew off to Copenhagen for the weekend. The trip had been in the planning for a few months, after I spontaneously bought a ticket with some airmiles that needed using up back in March. I'd heard mixed reviews about Denmark's capital, but was excited to visit nonetheless. On our first day in Copenhagen my brother and I visited the famous Tivoli Gardens, having been built in 1843, this makes it the second oldest amusement park in the world!

As well as the rides and amusements, the gardens also has a luxury 5 star hotel, a theatre and concert hall, lots of bars and restaurants, a lake, and of course...gardens.

The food and drink stands at Tivoli Gardens are sooo good. It cost me just DKK 20 (around £1.90) for a mahoosive thing of candy floss! We also went to the Nimb Brasserie for a sit down and glass of wine, and the waiters were absolutely lovely. Despite being a pair of young siblings with not many kroner left from our daily budget, they couldn't do enough for us and were the most genuinely friendly waiters I've ever come across. In fact, I think all of the Danes we came across were so so nice, everyone just couldn't do enough for us.

The alleyways in Tivoli Gardens reminded me of something from Harry Potter; winding streets with weird and wonderful signs, games, and food.

Me in front of Tivoli's century old pirate ship, which is now a restaurant.

The price to enter Tivoli Gardens is DKK 95 each, which is around £10.00. However, you then have to pay for all of the rides on top of that, unless you're going to go on loads of rides in which case getting the full pass is the cheapest way of doing it. The rides range in price between DKK 25 up to DKK 75 per ride, so if you just want to go on one or two, it works out cheaper to do it separately.

My brother and I are very different with rides, I wanted to go on ones he didn't want to go on, and vice versa, also we'd just had a huge lunch at Hard Rock Cafe (yep...truly immersing ourselves in Danish culture...jokes, it's just because we have a tradition of testing out every Hard Rock Cafe we have access to in other countries), so didn't think it would be a good idea to go on rollercoasters/the carousel. The carousel was his my choice. IT HAD A GIRAFFE YOU COULD SIT ON! We did notice though that there was a recurring pattern with me wanting to go on the rides that only children were going on. But seriously, have you seen Final Destination?! No way was I risking going on those big rides!

As well as the rides, there was also a marching band which we came across just as we were leaving. Lovely.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in Denmark's very own wonderland. It really was like being in a fairytale, I was in awe of it all...even if I was sulking about not being able to ride the Giraffe. Seriously though, a giraffe.


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