Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ruski's Tavern Launch.

Tuesday night was the grand launch of Diego and Antoin's new bar and club, Ruski's Tavern in Kensington. A mix of Tsarist Russia and Soviet kitsch, and specializing in vodka and caviar, it features a gigantic bear, and a mural from the Soviet era that was lifted off a building in Russia and shipped back to England. 

So Tuesday evening my friends and I headed down, and thankfully  despite the queue, managed to get in no problem. A couple of my friends couldn't get there until later, and had to queue for over two hours before finally getting in around midnight! Wowza!

As always with Diego and Antoin, the invitations were amazing. You may remember the ones from the Bodos Schloss launch last year (funnily enough, Ruski's is right opposite Bodos!), well the Ruski's invites were even better, with a pop-up scene inside the card!

The night was filled with Moscow Mules, champagne, vodka, Russian dancers, and even break-dancers too! After a few too many drinks the cushions came off the seats and everyone got up to dance on them til the early hours of the morning. It was a great night, and I highly recommend a trip to Ruski's to experience such a unique bar and club in London. It's unlike anywhere else out there!

A bottle of champagne was brought to Antoin and Diego in a Russian Doll.

Posing with Jasiminne's Russian hat!

A Moscow Mule!
Photo taken from the wonderful Jasimmine's blog, Posh Broke & Bored.

Credit: Posh, Broke & Bored.
Stay serious....stay serious...

Juuuuust kidding! Time to partay!

Jasiminne looking totes FIERCE yah.
Jemima and I.

Jasiminne and I had great fun playing dress up with the drinks buckets...

Credit: Posh, Broke & Bored.

Credit: Posh, Broke & Bored.

Sophie throwing some mega shapes while Duncan ponders over his cupcake.

Edd may have broken a lampshade...and danced with it on his head. Sorry guys!!!

James Middleton made the boys these cupcakes to hand round to everyone. They were pretty delish...although I have to say I think Langs of London do a better one, the icing was a bit too thick on J Middy's ones. How cool is the branding on top of the cupcakes though?!

Edd loved them though...

 As did Henry...

Things started to get a little wild around 1am, when the boys downed a bottle of vodka. And as usual I got caught up in it and got poor hand was nearly broken!

Nawwww. Love them really. These two are seriously the most fun people to go out with, they just go wild and don't care what anyone thinks of you can tell from the cake round Henry's chops.

We all had a truly awesome night! Diego and Antoin, you did good.



  1. Your photos are HILARIOUS. Those boys and their party faces!
    I'm so jealous you had a cupcake, were they any good?! x

  2. Haha, I know, they're crazy! They were ok, sponge was good but icing was far too thick. Langs of London make a much better cake in my opinion.

    C x


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