Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Goodbye Summer.

Summer is officially over. They keep saying we'll have an 'Indian Summer' and the weather will warm up again soon...but I don't care, it really does feel ever so autumnal, and to be honest, I'm quite enjoying it. I love every season, apart from the awkward January-March months where you're just miserable from the long winter. I love the leaves turning and falling, walks in the countryside with the family, the leaves crunching beneath feet, and collecting conkers. I was in Paris last weekend, and got far too over-excited when I picked up some French conkers in the beautiful gardens of the Cercle de l'Union Interalliee.

Autumn is also a time to reflect on those brilliant summer months, and look forward to next year. It's this time of year that I start thinking about and planning next years holidays, events, parties, and endless picnics, and getting all excited about the fact Christmas will happen before all of next summer's excitements and adventures. So here's a little instagram window into my summer and a taster of what I got up to.

Summer started around April/May time when I got back from my trip to Australia. M&S had their summer cookies in store, the sun was shining, if a little chilly at times (see below photo of me in a thick coat), but generally, it was the start of summer.

I'm a bit of a car fanatic, and was very lucky to attend the Fast & Furious premiere, it was great fun, and an awesome film!

Fish and chips on the seafront!

Twister ice-lolly from the ice-cream van opposite the office

Lotte and I went to see Singin in the Rain before it closed

I love Trafalgar Square in the summer!

I went to see my bestie and god-daughter up in Wales

Another summer, another day in the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot. This year I wore a beautiful Jaegar dress that I'm completely in love with!

Polo in the Park was fun as always

This year at Henley we went to Phyllis Court Club rather than the Stewards Enclosure...we much preferred it as it was much more relaxed

Some friends and I went to Wireless Festival for the weekend, which was mindblowingly fun!

The July Bloggers Meetup was awesome, I loved meeting so many other bloggers!

Then I flew off to Greece for a week with my jelly shoes safely in my case

I got back from Greece to picnics and pimms

Dylan entertained me all summer...as usual

 It got rather hot at work in the office...

One of my closest friends from school in Australia came over to visit, so I took her to Lotte's birthday party

I then jetted off to Denmark and Sweden with my brother, where we saw the sights and I took a selfie with a polar bear.

We got home to the news my grandfather had passed away, so spent the next few weeks at home with family, but the girls did take me for cocktails one evening to take my mind off things.

 And finally, Dylan got a bow-tie and become a very dapper chap indeed.

So excited for Christmas now! If you haven't joined #OperationBlogger Christmas tag yet, please do!

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  1. OH MY GOD Dylan is adorable. I want to play with him! xx

  2. When you look back looks like you had a truly great summer! Roll on Autumn and Winter.


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