Friday, 23 August 2013

Tennis at Queens Club.

On Sunday, the day after Lotte's party, I went to Queens Club for tennis with some of my friends from inter-club, for the annual inter-club tournament. I just watched while the others played, as although I love playing tennis, I'm not very good at it. All of us were pretty worn out as most of us had been out the night before, so the BBQ after the tournament couldn't come quick enough! As you can see below, it was tiring stuff, Edd at one point shouted across the court "I'm sweating alcohol!" - nice.

After the tennis we went upstairs for Pimms and a BBQ. The food was so so good. Just what we needed after the previous night of celebrations!

Traditional strawberries and cream - yum!

It was a lovely relaxing day (for me, not the players), and the perfect way to recover from the night before's partying! Excuse the lack of 'people' photos...we really weren't looking our best...vain, I know.


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  1. Ooh that looks like such a fun day :)

    Sophierosehearts x


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