Monday, 19 August 2013

Straight on til Morning.

Saturday night was the party of the year. Lotte and I have been friends for a couple of years now, and she always holds the most amazing parties, usually resulting in unashamed debauchery going on til 6am. As she was turning 25 (a quarter of a century!), this year was bigger and better than ever; she even had topless waiters serving us drinks as we arrived! Last year she had a James Bond themed party, and this year was Wonderland/Neverland themed, and as usual, the guests made a real effort and the costumes were ah-mazing. Lotte even had friends flying in from all over the world for the occasion! 

I wanted to wear a black dress (an old one from Kate Moss at Topshop), so went as an 'evil fairy', and paired it with black wings, black heels, and smokey eyes. One of my close friends from school in Australia was visiting me, so she came too, and it was great to party with her again after over 2 years of not seeing her! All of the photos below are a mixture of mine and the photographer's. The awesome photographer was Gregory Davies. 

There's a really funny story about the guy in the middle of the photo above, I know him from my old workplace back in Surrey, and actually filmed him in his underwear for a video project a couple of years ago! Was so random bumping into him, and we had a laugh about the underwear video. And no, it wasn't anything dodgy, you can actually watch it here, it's super cheesy. Skip to 0.41 for Angus' special appearance. 

Kelissa and I. Friends from school in Australia, reunited in London. Love this girl!
There was a live jazz band playing, they started in the house then moved through to the garden later on. The band was a band started by pianist John Burnett-Hall, they really were brilliant, and kept everyone thoroughly entertained throughout the evening until the neighbours complained about the noise! Woops!

Peter came as a lost boy, and then things got a bit crazy and all of his clothes were found the next day at Lotte's...I feel sorry for the taxi driver who had to drive him home naked.

Adrian let out his inner woman and came as Alice. He claims it was to be different, but really I think he just likes the fishnets.

Lotte looked absolutely stunning, and was lucky enough to wear a beautiful flower crown made especially by Language of Flowers. Very Midsummer Night's Dream-esque!

The garden was decorated beautifully, with the attention to detail of Lotte's event planning paying off - just look at the cute rabbit lights!

After a few drinks everyone headed outside for the cake (which Lotte made herself after the cakemakers pulled out last minute). The cake, was of course, carried out by a good looking man. None of us complained.

This isn't what it looks like. Dom's costume came undone at the back, so I had to 'velcro' it back up for him.

Will came as a ya do. He comes as a lamp to every fancy dress event. Edward came as himself - in black tie.

Lotte and her housemates built a 'Peter Pan Fort' in the back garden for people to rest their weary legs in - it was filled with cushions and blankets!

 The Mad Hatter and Alice!

I was a wee bit nervous about being in charge of the was very heavy, and very sharp, as I found out when I cut down a paper rose hanging from the ceiling.

Ben, the owner of the sword, rocking the Shakespearean outfit.

By the end of the night strange photos and poses started to be taken... so I think we'll leave it there with this beauty.

Huge thank you to Lotte for hosting another incredible party - looking forward to the next one already! Happy birthday once again!



  1. Wow that looks like some party!!!

  2. great photos! looks like lots of fun, that cake looks TREMENDOUS! Oh and I have that dress :) I just found it lurking in my wardrobe and wore it to a wedding recently.


  3. Charlotte! What an awesome post - totally didn't know that story about my brother LOL
    I didn't even realise you had a blog until he sent me the link a couple of days ago - it's fantastic. x


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