Thursday, 8 August 2013

Delicious Greek Lunches at Kastro Cafe, Kefalonia.

Being so close to St George's Castle, we were very lucky to be so close to what became our favourite places to eat. To Kastro Cafe (The Castle Cafe) is run by a Greek man and his English wife, and they were both so friendly and welcoming. We visited a few times for lunch; the cafe is beautiful, set high on the mountain next to the Castle, with views over the entire area, and the food is incredible. Home-cooked goodness, a mixture of light bites and full on spicy lamb and rice (my personal favourite). If you're planning a trip to Kefalonia, it will not be complete without a trip to Kastro.

To get up to the cafe you go up some steps covered in plants and feels a little like entering a secret garden. There are different levels and patios to sit on, our favourite spot was the main patio in front of the bar and kitchen...they had a huge fan there that was absolute heaven in the sweltering heat! As soon as you sit down the owners bring you big glasses and a jug of iced water, and they bring a new jug whenever the other one is getting empty. The service really is probably the best I've ever experienced, they just can't do enough for you!

We went a liiiittle bit crazy the first time we went...Greek Salad, Courgette Balls, Sardines, Bread, flat bread and dips, omelettes, and a club sandwich. We learnt our lesson, and just got one meal each the next time we went back.

The second time we went I had the daily special which was Spicy Lamb with Rice. Heaven. The flavours were incredible, and the lamb so tender it just fell apart when my fork touched it. We asked for the recipe, but it was so complex and there were so many different spices involved, we decided we wouldn't give it a go ourselves.

Like most places in Greece, cats are everywhere, and this cutie is one of the resident cats at Kastro. Every time we saw him he looked so content and happy, always had a little smile on his face and was always stretched out in different positions on the stones.

The beautiful view from the main patio of the cafe...

After lunch mum and dad popped into our favourite restaurant for the evening, Palatino, which serves traditional Greek Mezes, to book a table for that evening. We had dinner there twice, and although the owner/waiter was a little abrupt and unfriendly, the food really was something special. While they were making the booking my brother and I ran to the playground and pretended we were kids again...

Chris went on the roundabout, but I refused. A few days earlier I'd gone on it, and halfway through climbing excitedly onto it my brother started pushing it round with such force I was hanging off it and sort of crouching on all fours desperately clinging on for dear life while shrieking. Eventually it slowed and stopped, my family just laughed at me as I tried to get off it, and dizzily fell over...and broke my favourite sandals. So, the roundabout is not my friend. So I headed straight for the swings.

The swings are my friend. They've always been my favourite thing in a playground...although I do wish they'd make them slightly wider, as quite often they dig into my childbearing hips - ouch.

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  1. Such a lovely place, I would love to grab a meal there! And that salad looks yummy!

    Isabela | Fusels


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