Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Cutest Greek Towns of Fiskardo & Assos.

Two of my favourite places we went to in Greece were Fiskardo and Assos. Fiskardo is a little fishing harbour right on the northern tip of Kefalonia, it was the only place that escaped the 1953 earthquake relatively unscathed, and therefore it still has a lot of it's original Venetian buildings. Assos is a beautiful little village at the bottom of a mountain in a little bay right on the ocean.

We stayed in the south by St George's Castle, and it took us around an hour and a half on the coastal road. Assos is on the way back to the south of the island from Fiskardo, and right by famous Myrtos Beach. One of the great things about Kefalonia is that everywhere on the island is free parking, apart from the harbour-front at Argostoli, which is 50cents an hour. So we parked up at Fiskardo, and walked down to the small town. 

There are quite a lot of tourist shops in Fiskardo, selling fake Ray Bans for 10 euros, and fake Chanel handbags for around 49 euros. I didn't buy anything, however at those prices I have to admit I was tempted! As well as the tourist shops there are also lots of cafes lining the side of the harbour, and lots of boats, some of which you can hire for the day for around 60 euros not including fuel. We had a wander, admired the view, and then had the most amazing crepes at one of the cafes.

It was a really lovely morning, just meandering and taking in the beautiful scenery and architecture. After Fiskardo we ventured down to Assos, which sort of reminded me of Neverland - seeing it from afar and then going down to this glorious little glimpse of paradise.

Assos is in that thin bit that connects the mainland to what looks like an island. 

Naturally as soon as we saw the colour of the water, we had to jump in and have a swim/float.

Assos was beautiful, there's a main beach which is great for swimming, and then there's a small cove just round the corner by the car park. Both have gorgeous azure waters! There are also a couple of tourist shops, mini marts, and restaurants, and that's it! 

There are a few ruins of houses in the village from the earthquake, which I found fascinating. I didn't venture inside as I'm guessing they're unstable, but I had a peer in through the doors and windows...

After Assos we drove back to the villa, stopping off at the lookout point for Myrtos beach. We didn't go down there as it's a pebbly beach, rather than sand, and we didn't think the care we'd hired would get down the struggled majorly with getting to Assos.

Please excuse the *ahem* cleavage, and sunburn on my face (I blame the Apvita suncream - 50+ my arse). We'd just come out of the water and got straight into the car in our swimmers and towels, I asked my brother to get a nice photo of my face and shoulders with the view behind me. He failed. To be fair though, I did try cropping it and it does look stupid when cropped.

So this is my last Greece post, waaa! I'll give you more glimpses coming up in my Instagram Updates next week, as we went to a really beautiful beach while we were there that I wanna show you, but not do a full blog post on. 



  1. The place looks absolutely stunning.
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. This looks beautiful. I love Greece, it's one of my favourite countries to visit.

    Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  3. you have to visit Marathonissi (Turtle Island), Got an excursion for 3hours from the beach straight onto the boat and it was brilliant, went to keri caves, turtle island and turtle spotting. Saw 2 or 3 turtles come up to the surface and a few more through the glass bottom boat. Friendly staff onboard, dont book through an excursion company on the strip though as they have really small boats and are quite unreliable.

  4. I just had to look back on your posts to see your Kefalonia post :) Aww I wish we had gone to Assos this time as it looks gorgeous.
    Lyndsey |


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