Saturday, 31 August 2013

Short Break.

Usually I try to blog 2-3 times a week, however I won't be blogging again until next week or possibly the week after, making it a 2-3 week gap between my last 'proper' post, and the next one. 

There are a few reasons for this; last weekend I was away in Denmark and Sweden, so was busy gallivanting 'round Scandinavia eating meatballs and hot dogs, then I returned home to find out that my Grandfather had sadly passed away. As well as this, I also start a new position at work on Monday, so have been busy preparing for that along with everything else going on. Right now things are just busy, emotional, stressful, and exhausting, and I honestly don't even want to think about blogging let alone do it.

I'm sorry for the break, but I promise I'll make up for it. I have so many posts planned; lots of travel ones from my trip to Scandinavia, a few beauty ones on some awesome products I've found, a giveaway, and also a couple of 'other' fun/random ones. So do stick with me! In the meantime, feel free to have a read through the archives, there are some gooduns in there.

I also just wanted to share my favourite photo of my Gramps with you all. He was the best grandfather a kid could ever ask for, and he'll be deeply missed. I keep having all these happy memories popping up in my mind, and every one puts such a big smile on my face, it makes me cry. I'm so very lucky to have had a grandfather like him. 

Me, my cousin Emma, and Gramps.


Friday, 23 August 2013

Tennis at Queens Club.

On Sunday, the day after Lotte's party, I went to Queens Club for tennis with some of my friends from inter-club, for the annual inter-club tournament. I just watched while the others played, as although I love playing tennis, I'm not very good at it. All of us were pretty worn out as most of us had been out the night before, so the BBQ after the tournament couldn't come quick enough! As you can see below, it was tiring stuff, Edd at one point shouted across the court "I'm sweating alcohol!" - nice.

After the tennis we went upstairs for Pimms and a BBQ. The food was so so good. Just what we needed after the previous night of celebrations!

Traditional strawberries and cream - yum!

It was a lovely relaxing day (for me, not the players), and the perfect way to recover from the night before's partying! Excuse the lack of 'people' photos...we really weren't looking our best...vain, I know.


Monday, 19 August 2013

Straight on til Morning.

Saturday night was the party of the year. Lotte and I have been friends for a couple of years now, and she always holds the most amazing parties, usually resulting in unashamed debauchery going on til 6am. As she was turning 25 (a quarter of a century!), this year was bigger and better than ever; she even had topless waiters serving us drinks as we arrived! Last year she had a James Bond themed party, and this year was Wonderland/Neverland themed, and as usual, the guests made a real effort and the costumes were ah-mazing. Lotte even had friends flying in from all over the world for the occasion! 

I wanted to wear a black dress (an old one from Kate Moss at Topshop), so went as an 'evil fairy', and paired it with black wings, black heels, and smokey eyes. One of my close friends from school in Australia was visiting me, so she came too, and it was great to party with her again after over 2 years of not seeing her! All of the photos below are a mixture of mine and the photographer's. The awesome photographer was Gregory Davies. 

There's a really funny story about the guy in the middle of the photo above, I know him from my old workplace back in Surrey, and actually filmed him in his underwear for a video project a couple of years ago! Was so random bumping into him, and we had a laugh about the underwear video. And no, it wasn't anything dodgy, you can actually watch it here, it's super cheesy. Skip to 0.41 for Angus' special appearance. 

Kelissa and I. Friends from school in Australia, reunited in London. Love this girl!
There was a live jazz band playing, they started in the house then moved through to the garden later on. The band was a band started by pianist John Burnett-Hall, they really were brilliant, and kept everyone thoroughly entertained throughout the evening until the neighbours complained about the noise! Woops!

Peter came as a lost boy, and then things got a bit crazy and all of his clothes were found the next day at Lotte's...I feel sorry for the taxi driver who had to drive him home naked.

Adrian let out his inner woman and came as Alice. He claims it was to be different, but really I think he just likes the fishnets.

Lotte looked absolutely stunning, and was lucky enough to wear a beautiful flower crown made especially by Language of Flowers. Very Midsummer Night's Dream-esque!

The garden was decorated beautifully, with the attention to detail of Lotte's event planning paying off - just look at the cute rabbit lights!

After a few drinks everyone headed outside for the cake (which Lotte made herself after the cakemakers pulled out last minute). The cake, was of course, carried out by a good looking man. None of us complained.

This isn't what it looks like. Dom's costume came undone at the back, so I had to 'velcro' it back up for him.

Will came as a ya do. He comes as a lamp to every fancy dress event. Edward came as himself - in black tie.

Lotte and her housemates built a 'Peter Pan Fort' in the back garden for people to rest their weary legs in - it was filled with cushions and blankets!

 The Mad Hatter and Alice!

I was a wee bit nervous about being in charge of the was very heavy, and very sharp, as I found out when I cut down a paper rose hanging from the ceiling.

Ben, the owner of the sword, rocking the Shakespearean outfit.

By the end of the night strange photos and poses started to be taken... so I think we'll leave it there with this beauty.

Huge thank you to Lotte for hosting another incredible party - looking forward to the next one already! Happy birthday once again!


Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Cutest Greek Towns of Fiskardo & Assos.

Two of my favourite places we went to in Greece were Fiskardo and Assos. Fiskardo is a little fishing harbour right on the northern tip of Kefalonia, it was the only place that escaped the 1953 earthquake relatively unscathed, and therefore it still has a lot of it's original Venetian buildings. Assos is a beautiful little village at the bottom of a mountain in a little bay right on the ocean.

We stayed in the south by St George's Castle, and it took us around an hour and a half on the coastal road. Assos is on the way back to the south of the island from Fiskardo, and right by famous Myrtos Beach. One of the great things about Kefalonia is that everywhere on the island is free parking, apart from the harbour-front at Argostoli, which is 50cents an hour. So we parked up at Fiskardo, and walked down to the small town. 


Friday, 9 August 2013

Seeing the Sea Turtles at Argostoli, Greece.

Ever since one of my teachers back in primary school told me of how she swam with sea turtles in the school holidays, I've been desperate to see them up close for myself. Despite seeing them from afar when living in Australia, I had yet to be so close to them that I could see the detailing of their shells and reach out and touch one if I wished. In Kefalonia, my dream finally came true.

The Loggerhead Sea Turtles are famous in Kefalonia, and the islanders do everything they can to protect them. Our first trip to the beach we saw sea turtle nests, and then when we visited Argostoli we saw the adults swimming in the harbour. They're there every morning, waiting for the local fisherman to throw out any small fish. I was told we'd have to be there early (6:30am!), but we didn't get there until 11am, and thankfully they were still there! 


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Delicious Greek Lunches at Kastro Cafe, Kefalonia.

Being so close to St George's Castle, we were very lucky to be so close to what became our favourite places to eat. To Kastro Cafe (The Castle Cafe) is run by a Greek man and his English wife, and they were both so friendly and welcoming. We visited a few times for lunch; the cafe is beautiful, set high on the mountain next to the Castle, with views over the entire area, and the food is incredible. Home-cooked goodness, a mixture of light bites and full on spicy lamb and rice (my personal favourite). If you're planning a trip to Kefalonia, it will not be complete without a trip to Kastro.


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Visiting the Magical Melissani Caves, Kefalonia.

One of the places I was determined to visit before we even left England for  Kefalonia, was the Melissani Caves. An underground lake with dazzling blue waters highlighted by the sun shining through the skylight overhead, the Melissani Caves were supposedly home to Nymphs in Greek Mythology. 

The underground lake never used to have the skylight, but like everywhere else on Kefalonia, it was effected by the huge earthquake in 1953. The ceiling of the cave collapsed into the lake below, and now half of the lake beneath the skylight is just 5ft deep from the rubble, while the rest of the lake is around 35ft deep.

Visiting the Magical Melissani Caves & Lake on Kefalonia in the Greek Islands!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Week in Kefalonia, Greece.

Apologies for being a little quiet the past week, but I've been relaxing on the island of Kefalonia, in Greece. Kefalonia (or Cephalonia, which is the anglicised spelling) is one of the biggest of the Ionian Islands, so we had a week full of getting out and visiting places as well as relaxing in the sun, and it really opened my eyes to the beauty of the Greek Islands. I just want to go and explore them all now! 

Over the next week I'll be posting about my favourite places we went to on this beautiful island, and then the blog will be back to normal; beauty reviews, restaurant reviews, parties and events, until the end of August when I'm off to Denmark and Sweden so you'll get some more travel posts then. I hope you enjoy the posts and find some of the things we discovered about Kefalonia interesting, it really is a beautiful island with so much history and culture.
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