Monday, 15 July 2013

Wireless Festival 2013.

I spent Friday and Saturday this weekend at the Olympic Park in London for Wireless Festival, and has the most amazing time! The line-up was just pure perfection, the only thing that could have made it even better were if Beyonce had come on for Crazy in Love with Jay Z, but we can dream!

We saw sooo many amazing acts, and were very lucky to get to the front for Justin Timberlake and Jay Z (see pics below). Thankfully the weather was really hot, so we didn't have to don the wellies, however things did get very dirty despite the much. dust. Here's a cheeky peek of my dirty feet and legs... noice. 

By the end of Saturday I was literally covered from head to toe in dust and dirt from the Pepsi Max stage, the main stage was ok because it was all astro-turf. Anyway, onto the acts!


Friday was amazing, we stayed by the main stage all day chilling out listening to the acts, and then we moved to the front of the stage for Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake. The walk from Stratford station to the actual stages was crazy, it took about 40 minutes, so by the time we got there we'd missed Wretch 32 and Kesha was on. Kesha is a great performer, and her mum is super cool (she came on the stage dancing in a *ahem* costume), but I'm not a fan of her music as all of it sounds the same. Next up was Miguel, who is amazing, definitely the next/younger version of John Legend! He's basically like John Legend but with a rockier vibe. After Miguel was John Legend *swoon*, everyone went crazy when he sang Ordinary People, and his version of Bridge Over Troubled Water was so, so special. His voice is just magic. 

My amazing brother and I!

During Trey Songz we headed to the front of the stage to get in position for Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake. I love Trey Songz' music, he reminds me of Chris Brown, but he loves himself so much it's so cringey! *cough* I wouldn't say no though. Snoop Dogg was awesome, he really got the crowd going and Rita Ora came out to sing with him. Justin Timberlake was the highlight though, I saw him in 2007 when I first moved to Australia at the Burswood Dome (which has sadly now been demolished - boo), and he was incredible then, but he was even better this time around! He played both his old stuff and his new stuff, and Jay Z came on at the end to do Suit n Tie with him, which was absolutely mind-blowing, the crowd went wild! You can see the entire song on my youtube here.


Saturday like Friday was amazing! After filling up on food at Kopapa, I headed to the Olympic Park to meet the others. After miles of walking from the station to the stages again, and on this day we spent most of our time at the Pepsi Max Stage. We started off by watching Earth Wind and Fire on the main stage, and then having a dance to Macklemore, who was just incredible live (as were EWF)! 

After Macklemore we headed over to the Pepsi Max Stage and saw Flux Pavillion. I'm not a massive dubstep fan but I found myself really loving his stuff and just couldn't stop dancing! Zedd never showed up as he missed his flight, then when he did eventually arrive he just walked on stage then walked off again?! So weird. It was so hot so we went and got ice creams and then we sat down in the Yahoo Tent, where we realized how truly disgustingly dirty my feet were. Macy then surprised us all with arm-fulls of watermelon, (YUM!) which was perfect in the heat, and gave us an added boost before Tinie Tempah.

Ahh Tinie Tempah, you absolute beaut. So so in love, this was the best performance of Saturday by far (yep, even better than Jay Z), the Pepsi Max Tent went absolutely craaaaazyy for him, and he was just so so good live. He was up there with JT for stage presence and getting the crowd going! After Tinie Tempah was Calvin Harris doing a DJ set, that was also really good, until things got a bit crazy and people started pushing everyone around and a fight broke out, so we decided to go see the end of Emeli Sande and get in position ready for Jay Z!

As you can see, I was filthy dirty from stupidly wearing flip-flops, my white shorts were brown by the end, and when I got home I had dirt all over my face too! I was also a really attractive sweaty-no-makeup-mess. But, at least I had a lot of fun and didn't look like I had caked on the make-up and fake lashes like some of the girls there! Seriously what is with that? It was 32 degrees and the make-up was quite literally sliding off their faces! I mean, I love make-up, but it's a festival - make the most of it and go au naturele!

After another ice-cream, we got in position for Jay Z and waited...and waited...and waited. Finally, after being pushed around in the crowd for what seemed like forever, he came on stage, and the crowd went absolutely wild! He performed Magna Carter Holy Grail for the first time live, and although it was really good and I love him so much, he really doesn't have much of a stage presence, which really surprised and disappointed me. There were times when the crowd went a bit quiet and he didn't really do anything to whip them up again, and then he teased us all horribly when Crazy in Love came on and everyone was screaming like crazy thinking Beyonce was gonna come on...then she didn' was just him rapping his part. Let down. 

In the middle of Jay Z I started feeling horribly sick, it was boiling hot, I was being pushed around and trampled on, and my arms were squished in-between my boobs and my head stuck in a tall guys armpit there was so little space. I felt like I was gonna throw up so started to try and get out of the crowd, but hardly anyone would move for me and some people got really nasty and started shouting at me telling me to stay where I was. Then someone stood on my foot and my toe nail ripped off, cue me screaming (seriously, it was the most painful thing EVER), and a woman realized how distressed I was so called over a security guy.

The security guy grabbed hold of me and with the help of another they lifted me out of the crowd and into the barrier'd section that was in the middle of the crowd, where they carried me to a paramedic. I was so relieved to get out of that crowd and just sit in the open air, and so so grateful to that woman who noticed how upset I was. After questioning me on what was wrong the paramedic gave me a sugar tablet and told me to sit there for the rest of the show. 

It was actually quite nice sitting on my little seat just listening to Jay Z in open surroundings, and the paramedic was absolutely lovely and kept checking up on me making sure I was ok. It really amazed me how quickly they actually got me out of that crowd, they just picked me up out of it like I was light as a feather (which I'm definitely not), so a huge thank you to everyone who helped me!

Despite the bad ending, and my foot covered in blood and dirt, I had an absolutely awesome time at Wireless Festival, and I have never been so grateful for my bed and a cold shower in my life! Ahhh soft duvet covers and putting my legs up - it was like heaven after standing and dancing for so long! I promise I'll upload all the videos to my youtube soon, so make sure you subscribe to keep updated!

Did you go to Wireless? Who was your favourite artist?



  1. WOWWW looks and sounds like you had an amazzing time. Love the feet ahha :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. What an adventure! Wish I went to wireless this year but spent muchos money on a Holiday instead of festivals! But I do love a good festival! However by the end I cannot wait for a bed, shower, another shower and then a comfy sofa to sit on.

    Hope your toe heals quickly - sounds awfully painful! xx


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