Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sandhurst Charity Ball 2013.

Last week a few friends and I went along to a charity ball at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy to support a friend of ours who's a cadet there. It was a charity ball for his company, Inkerman Company, which raised thousands for the chosen charities, and was a really fun night!

The ball was the same day as Royal Ascot, so I had to race from the racetrack to the academy, and then quickly change into black tie. I just about managed it, and after my quick change I headed down to meet everyone else outside new college. The men were in either uniform or black tie (depending on if they were a cadet/soldier or a 'civvie'), while the ladies were in glamorous evening dresses. The evening started with fish and chips in cute little paper cones, and ice-cream from an old fashioned cart, before we saw a parachute display, and then we all went inside for a delicious meal, the charity auction, and dancing!

The meal was delicious, and the charity auction was certainly interesting - one of the prizes was having your boots scrubbed for you, which I was informed was around four hours work! FOUR HOURS! Just to scrub some dirty boots!! Crazy! Anyway, after the charity auction the dancing started. There was a prop company there so we all had great fun with those, and the DJ was amazing, an excellent mix of mainstream...and serious 90's cheese. Amy and I loved reliving our childhood dancing to Vengaboys and Steps!

When the DJ stopped and the lights dimmed, everyone worked their way upstairs to 'the lines' aka, the soldiers' halls of residence, for more revelry. Needless to say the girls and I were in our element being surrounded by soldiers in uniform all night! We may have even borrowed some of said uniform...

We eventually got home in the early hours, very happy, and very sleepy! It was a busy but delightful day, and I feel very blessed and grateful to have had such an experience! 


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