Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lux Life's Two Year Birthday.

Gosh, I literally can't believe it's been two years since I started my wee blog. I'm actually getting a bit emotional thinking about how quickly the time has gone...however I always get emotional when thinking about how quickly the time goes lol. I didn't do a one year birthday post as I forgot (woops!), so this is going to be quite long and make up for that! 

It's so weird to think just how much has changed since I first started this blog. When I began it I wasn't in a very good place; I was at Uni just wanting to get out, I was in an unhealthy relationship that was about to end, and I was absolutely terrified of the future. I also used to cry, every day, without fail. Now, everything has changed for the better. I'm finally out of Uni and have my degree, I got out of the unhealthy relationship, and I've been focusing on me rather than someone else. It's been absolutely lovely having some proper time to figure out who I am, how I've grown up, and where I'm heading in my life and what I want. And boy, do I want to do a lot with my life!

I honestly think it's been vital to me maturing and finding myself. And this blog has helped me a huge amount. It gave me a focus when I didn't have a focus, it gave me an outlet to vent my frustrations of my final year of Uni (most of these have now been reverted to draft), and it gave me a space to write about all of the things I love. From friends, family, exploring new places, finding new restaurants, discovering new products, and everything in between. 

It took a while for me to really find myself in my blog. For the first six months or so I just blogged about everything that came into my head, and it didn't really have much of a structure...or many photos. But after some guidance from friends and fellow bloggers, I finally found myself, and it all fell into place. I also had the courage to fill every post with photographs...I'm still a bit confused about why I was so worried about posting photos on here before?! 

As well as having some wonderful experiences thanks to my blog, I've also met some amazing people, made great friends, and have been lucky enough to work with some great companies. It was also partly down to my blog that I got my job so soon after finishing Uni! So I just want to say a huge thank you, to all of you who have supported me and read my posts, I'm so incredibly grateful and really hope you've enjoyed them and found some of them useful. 

You can see my first post here, and you can see my 2012 yearly round-up here. I hope you'll stick around and continue reading, as I'm quite excited about the future now and can't wait to share my journey with you all, as well as the many beauty products, restaurants, bars, clubs and countries, that I still have to review! I promise i'll do a giveaway as soon as I'm back from my holidays, but in the meantime, I think this quote describes blogging perfectly.



  1. Congratulations on the blog anniversary (and changing you life to better)! I started mine this month and reading people accomplishing things like these get me really excited :)

    Isabela x

  2. Wow congrats on the two years blogging! Well done! Seems you have come a long way since you started blogging....


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