Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lazy Weekend in the Country.

Last weekend was a rather lazy one, but it was absolutely lovely. I've been so busy lately that it was nice to just spend some time at home in the country relaxing, especially as I have a really busy weekend in London this coming weekend. 

On Saturday I spent the day with two of my closest friends from school. We've been friends for nearly 20 years, and even though Emma and I hadn't seen Beth for over a year due to her last year at Uni, it was as though we'd never been apart! We had a lovely day chilling in the hammock in the garden, gossiping, catching up, eating lots of yummy food, and taking the dogs for a walk in the surrounding fields.

Beth decided to play housewife and baked a cake AND bread for us! What a good friend she is! I'll do a recipe for this cake soon, as it's a pretty ingenious one!

Our ultra classy picnic - homemade bread with blueberry jam and camembert, with chicken, potato salad, and mini sausages, eggs and sausage rolls, Delish!

Tizer was very jealous of all of our food and sat next to me staring hungrily at it. When I'd finished my cake he sneaked a lick of the plate... naughty!

After lunch we went for a walk in the surrounding countryside to burn all of it off. *sigh* this is why I love living in the country and being a commuter! These views and open space are worth the 4 hour daily commute, no question.

 Emma and I found a fort in the woods, so decided we had to test it out!

We then headed back to the cottage to relax and make the most of the sunshine. Emma and I stole the hammock, so Beth got lumbered with the little chair...and Tizer on her feet.

 How cute is Tully!? You simply can't say no to this face!

I couldn't be bothered to get all the old photo albums out and search for an oldie then scan it into the computer, so an early digital photo from 2006 had to do. But how much have we changed in the past 7 years!? Crazy to think how fast the time's gone, and I didn't even notice how much we'd changed until we did this. I think it's safe to say we've blossomed from awkward 15 year olds with weird poses...into, well, reasonably normal adults who are now able to smile for the camera.

It really was a perfect Saturday spent with two of my oldest and closest friends!

On Sunday I headed down to the coast with the family to visit my grandparents and have fish and chips. I haven't told her yet, and she'll find out via this blog post, but I've come up with an awesome plan to include my Nanny in my blog ;) so Nanny, as I know you'll be reading this, I'll tell you all about my plan when I next see you!

Here's a photo of my brother limbo-ing under Nanny's old phone with a 'cable'! We found it hilarious that she stretches is across the room to sit down - surely it'd be easier to get a wireless phone?


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