Friday, 19 July 2013

Kusmi Tea Party with Birchbox.

Last week I was invited to a tea party at the new Kusmi tea shop and cafe on Marylebone High Street, to celebrate them opening their flagship London store, and also their collaboration with beauty box Birchbox. I took my friend Ursula along with me, as she's a huuuuge tea drinker and we'd both tried Kusmi tea together when we were in Paris back in March. As well as the tea tasting good, it was then that we decided it was the prettiest tea packaging we'd ever seen, so we were both very much looking forward to the evening.

We found the shop really easily, and straight away were taken away by the variety and colour! When in Paris we'd just tried some of the tea in a supermarket, but the actual shop is beautiful! There are different teas lining every wall in the shop! We were each handed a cup of the BB Detox tea, which is Kusmi's new tea inspired by 'BB creams', with the BB Detox tea doing essentially the same thing, but the BB stands for 'Beauty Beverage'. It contains ingredients that detox your body and beautifies you from the inside out. Now I'm not a huge tea drinker usually, however I absolutely loved this tea, and it tastes especially good as an iced tea! 

How cute are the cups and straws!?

As well as being able to sample the new tea, we were also treated to delicious canapes and pastries by La Belle Epoque Patisserie, and a mini manicure from the Pamper Puff Girls. I've never had a manicure before, and I absolutely loved the experience, so will definitely be treating myself every so often from now on :)

Ursula and I were also lucky enough to talk to the Kusmi Tea PR girls, who were over from Paris for the evening. Both were absolutely lovely and it really was fascinating listening to the history of Kusmi tea and how it originated from Russia, before the family relocated to France during the revolution, hence 'Kusmi Paris'. 

We left the shop a couple of hours later, relaxed, happy, and armed with a goody bag full of tea and other lovely bits! A huge thank you to Kusmi tea, Birchbox, and Sauce Communications for a truly wonderful evening!



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