Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Henley Royal Regatta 2013.

On Saturday we all headed to Henley for the Regatta. I've been staying in London the past couple of weeks, and was driving out to Henley, but the traffic was absurd - it took me 3 and a half hours when it should have taken just over an hour! I drive in and out of London regularly, but I've never seen it this bad! I eventually got down there at around 2pm, so didn't miss toooo much rowing...not that I saw much of it, woops!

This year we went to the Phyllis Court Club, last year I went to the Stewards Enclosure and although it was a really great day, it was quite stuffy there and you felt like you had to sit and watch the rowing at all times. Phyllis Court Club is much more relaxed, you can sit out in the sun surrounded by their beautiful grounds right on the river, wander round the grounds, drink pimms and champagne, and eat their delicious lemon cake, and then go see the rowing when you feel like it! 

I wore the same DKNY Green Dress I wore last year, but without the hat and with my summer wedges rather than my Yull's. The rules for Henley are quite strict, your dress must be below the knee, and I only have a couple of below the knee day dresses, one is a black winter one, the other is the one I wore to Ascot, and as I wore that the other week I couldn't wear it again! What I love about the green one is because it's jersey material it's much more relaxed and informal, it's also really lightweight so doesn't get too hot.

The club and grounds are incredibly beautiful, it feels very much like a country club unlike the traditional London clubs in clubland, such a lovely escape from the city! After wandering around and looking at the sculptures, we sat down for some Pimms and Prosecco, and then watched some of the rowing. The Phyllis Court Club is right on the finish line opposite the stewards enclosure, so we had exactly the same view, just on the 'wrong' side of the river. It was definitely worth sacrificing that though for a more relaxed day.

When a table and chairs eventually became free, we nabbed it and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon, drinking, eating, relaxing, before we eventually ventured to a local pub for dinner in the evening. 

If you're ever near Henley, I highly recommend a visit just down the road to The Baskerville pub in Shiplake. They did a delicious burgers and chips, and it was absolutely lovely ending the day sitting in their beer garden! It was a wonderful day :)

How was your weekend? Did you go to Henley?



  1. I heard the traffic was bad, quite a few friends went! What amazing weather though, and love your dress! xx

    South Molton St Style

    1. Yeh, it was awful, I think there was an accident on the M4 :(

      Yes, fab weather, was absolutely lovely sitting by the river in the sunshine! Thank you, it's one of my faves!

      C x

  2. Looks so fun and comes out. Like your dress.



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