Friday, 5 July 2013

Bloggers Night Out - 3 Cromwell.

Last Saturday night I organized a Bloggers Night Out at 3 Cromwell in Kensington. A few days before, Chuck Bass himself (aka Ed Westwick) had been there celebrating his birthday, so everyone was pretty excited. Until it all went a little bit wrong.

There were four of us inside waiting for everyone else to arrive, two of my friends including Sarah, Edd who writes for Fashion Beans, and Jemima from Style Soliloquist. I then got texts at around 11pm from both my friends and other bloggers saying they were outside but had been told they couldn't get in as 3 Cromwell were at full capacity. I went down to try and sort it out, to no avail. To those who were turned away, I'm so incredibly sorry, there was literally nothing I or Sophie from The Pink Fox could do and it was completely out of our hands, but I promise I'll make up for it and organize another one soon! 

They'd accidentally oversubscribed on the guestlist, and as they were at full capacity it was actually illegal for them to let in anyone else. I was fuming, but the manager Blake was absolutely lovely and did everything he could to make it up to us. We started with a Top Hat sharing cocktail, before moving onto the champagne. The night had started out badly, there was nothing we could do about it, so we thought 'we may as well enjoy ourselves!'

After drinking our cocktails in the room upstairs, we headed down to the club for some dancing...

Edd loves dancing. 

 I whip ma hair back and forth...

I wore the dress I wore to my birthday back in April, and this gorgeous necklace from aMuse Fashions. Despite the rocky start we had a pretty awesome night, we left at 3am and on the way home decided we needed some eggs benny from VQ...the best place in London for eggs benny, yum!


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