Monday, 29 July 2013

Bloggers July London Meetup.

Saturday was the Bloggers July London Meetup. On the Friday night some friends and I had a big night at my favourite club, Roof Gardens, for some bankers event (the girls and I tagged along with the guys for the free entry and booze). I then stayed over at a friend's place who lives right by the club, and thought 'oh perfect I can just stay in London for the meetup and won't have to go home'. Idiot me then wakes up and realizes that I have nothing to wear for the meetup apart from heels and my LBD. Woops. Cue a mad dash back to Surrey to get changed into something more suitable! 

After my faux pas I arrived at the meetup a little late, which turned out to be quite a good thing as it was in full swing and everyone was chatting and enjoying the cocktails and amazing cake-pops. No awkwardness for being the first one there! It was absolutely lovely meeting Helen who organized the event, I've been a huge fan of her beauty blog Beautifully Superfluous since she first started it. She kindly mentioned me in one of her first posts, and I've been addicted to her awesome reviews and friendly tone of voice ever since!

As well as meeting Helen I also met some other fab bloggers, including Sam from sjmwell, April from A Pretty Wardrobe, Lauren from Laurenella, Vicky from Barefoot Days, and then three bloggers I've been following for a loooong time; Grace from All That Slap, who was even more lovely than she appears in her blog/twitter, and put a huge smile on my face just because she was so crazy and friendly! Ellie from Style and Starbucks, who is just as tall as she looks in her blog - so incredibly jealous of those long legs, and Islay from, who has the most gorgeous long dark hair, ever. Cue more green-eyed envy. 

We all chatted, took photos, and had eyelashes put on by Paperself, ate lots of cake pops, which tasted incredible, and drank some yummy cocktails! 

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The Paperself lashes experience was really good, you can see us all wearing them in the photo above! I was umming and ahhing whether to do it because of my sensitive eyes, but eventually decided to just do it. The lady was absolutely lovely, even when I asked the stupid question 'will it hurt when I remove them?'. You can see the photos below of her applying them, and there's a close-up of my ones - I just got corner ones rather than a full set.

Sam getting her lashes put on

Although I loved them and they're so so pretty, I could see them in the corner of my eye and it was really annoying me, I also felt like they were going to fall off. I'd never worn fake eyelashes before so I think it would have just taken a bit of getting used to, but I removed them after a couple of hours as I got all impatient and frustrated with them.

After a couple of hours we were all handed huge goody bags packed full of beauty products, and headed off in our little groups to go shopping. Our group consisted of Sam, April, Ellie, Islay, Ana and Lauren. We went to Boots and I had a spritz of the new Marc Jacobs Honey perfume (luuuush), wandered around, and then headed up Regents Street which was absolutely packed with tourists. The highlight of the shopping was definitely the photobooth at Topshop, we couldn't all squeeze in so broke down into two groups, here's the photo of me, Sam and April. My hair sort of managed to take up most of the space... :/ woops!

Lauren then left and the rest of us decided to just go for it and all squeeze into the booth...this was the result... (I'm at the back with April this time...I didn't want my hair taking all the limelight again...)

I had such a great day at the meetup, it was just lovely meeting so many bloggers who I've spoken to so often on Twitter and putting faces and voices to blogs. When I got home I emptied the goody bag and it was like Christmas! I'll do a separate post on that though, so keep an eye out for it over the next few days :)

Also if you're interested, the nail polish I wore was OPI 'Kiss me on my Tulips' from the Dutch Treats Holland Mini Collection. I'm pretty sure it was that shade, but it's quite bright on my nails and swatches on other blogs show it as being quite a paler pink. On my nails it's more of a hot pink, so it may be a different shade, I buy so many of the mini collections I can never remember which bottle is which shade!



  1. It was lovely to meet you and get to do some shopping with you, im just sorry we didnt get a chance to chat more, but deffo next time, now that we are more relaxed and comfortable :) lovely post!

  2. Ah, what a lovely meet up. I did something similar with a group of lifestyle bloggers recently - we went for afternoon tea! It's so great how blogs can bring people together :)

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  3. It was such a nice day, and was so lovely meeting you!
    the photobooth was so much fun, especially squeezing six in there haha xx

  4. I'm quite new to the blogging community but cannot wait to go to a few meet-ups. Doing the Essex one at the end of August- so excited to finally meet some bloggers! Looks like you had a lovely time, I love false lashes (only wear them on nights out) and those look stunning!



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