Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Muse World War Z Concert.

Sunday evening some friends and I headed to the Tattershall Castle Pub, which is a pub boat floating on the Thames right on Victoria Embankment opposite the London Eye. After a few drinks in the sunshine, we then walked across to Horse Guards Parade for the Muse Concert organized by Brad Pitt to celebrate the release of his new film, World War Z.

We had a couple of hours to wait before Muse arrived, so Edith Bowman kept us entertained, and we had the trailer for the film showing constantly on big screens (got so sick of seeing it I'm not even gonna bother seeing the film now!). The concert was completely free, tickets went up for grabs last week, and Sid who's a bit of an expert at getting these tickets managed to snag some for us all!

Just before Muse arrived Brad Pitt appeared! Sadly he didn't open the show or get up on the stage, he crept in at the back and stood on a VIP stage behind the crowds. Still, it was exciting to see him and his flowing blonde locks!

Then....finally....after over two hours of waiting...Muse arrived on stage! Cue screams, jumping up and down, and huge balls of fire leaping into the air...

The concert was absolutely amazing! I'm not a massive Muse fan, I like them and their music, but I'm not a die-hard fan who knows every song and has every album, so I was surprised with just how many of the songs I knew! I managed to get a video which you can see below.



  1. So jealous! I wanted to go to this but totally forgot about the tickets until it was too late. I've seen Muse live before and they're definitely amazing :D x

  2. Wow, Muse! They are immense. I saw them at Glastonbury years back.
    Also, a little jel that Brad's hair is way better than mine.


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