Monday, 10 June 2013

Polo in the Park 2013.

You may remember how last year I had three days of Polo in a row (posts here and here)...this year I was sadly too busy for three days of it, so I just went to Polo in the Park on the Sunday, which happened to be the worst day for weather. Still, it was a fun day and while we spent most of the day in the Mahiki tent drinking cocktails and chatting, we managed to see one of the early Chukka's, and then the last Chukka of the final as well. Sydney won.

We started with food...obviously. It was cold and miserable so we headed to the pizza stall where they were making it completely fresh in front of you. I preferred the food court last year, it was run by Harrods and Movenpick, and the burgers were ah-mazing, whereas this year it felt more like the food court of the local country show. But the food was still good, and to be honest the pizza was just what I needed!

Then it was Mahiki time! Bring on the cocktails and socializing! A large group of us went, but I'm afraid I've been lacking in the photo-taking department lately - ever since I got my new phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) I've been so lazy with carrying my camera around with me, I've just been taking photos on my phone.

I had my favourite, a Pina Colada, in a pineapple. I'm so fussy with alcohol and I love Pina Colada's as it disguises the 'alcoholic' taste - I love my sweet drinks!

Despite the fact we still hadn't seen a match, we went onto the pitch to stomp the divots!

My day was made when I was walking to the toilets and a woman came over to me and asked me if I was Catherine Lux, a little confused and slightly scared, I said yes I was, and she announced she was a reader of my blog! It turns out she also has a golden cocker spaniel exactly like Dylan, she showed me a photo - they could be twins! I feel dreadful because I didn't get her name, I was tipsy and felt as though my bladder was going to burst, so if you were said woman, I'm so sorry, and please let me know if it was you!! 

After the match we saw the presentation of the cup, but it was so miserable and cold we wanted more food, so left early and went to the pub for a burger! I'm quite sad there wasn't a repeat of last time where I had my photo taken with Jamie Morrison and then drank champagne from his cup (photo evidence here), but the burger was damn good.

Did you go to the Polo this year?



  1. You looked gorgeous!! Very jealous you got to see the presentation of the cup, I didn't :( went on the saturday though so was a little luckier with the weather, would love for you to have a readon on my blog post on the day:

    Veronica x

  2. Gorgeous!


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