Thursday, 23 May 2013

Brunch at The Wolseley.

At the weekend my brother and I headed to The Wolseley in Mayfair for breakfast. They're famous for their breakfasts, but you have to book quite far in advance to get a table. We got there for 11am and were seated in the middle of the huge grand restaurant. I went for the Fresh Orange Juice with Sweet French Toast, and a poached egg on the side, while my brother had the pancakes with berries. 

My French Toast was absolutely delicious; the toast soaked in maple syrup and berries, and the egg perfectly runny! I love The Wolseley's food, but it's very big, very loud, and very busy. It's also quite touristy and the tables are so close together you can hear every detail of the conversation next to you. 

Despite the flaws, I do like it, and I think it's a nice place for a special occasion just for the pure grandeur and delicious food. However the best Sweet French Toast in London still goes to The Providores in my eyes! Apologies for the lack of photos, I only had my phone and they don't really like you taking photos in there!

The Wolseley on Urbanspoon Square Meal


  1. Wow, that looks incredible! Yum! Will definitely have to pay them a visit some time as I'm a big fan of sweet French toast.
    Mel x

  2. Looks totally delicious!
    I'm a BIG fan of the Wolseley, the breakfast or Afternoon tea are definitely the best times of day to go there :)
    x x


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