Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Fast and Furious 6 Premiere.

Last night I was lucky enough to go to the Fast and Furious 6 World Premiere in London. It was a bit of a last minute thing, and I didn't know until a couple of hours before when a friend asked if I wanted a spare ticket. Obviously I said yes, however I was at work, had no change of clothes, a ladder in my tights, and flat shoes! Thankfully I wore a dress to work that morning, but cue a mad dash to Boots to grab tights, and then running to Green Park to pick up some heels from the amazing Yull Shoes! I'm very lucky to have a friend who's a shoe designer!

With my Cornbury heels I was ready to hit the premiere! They had heaps of really cool cars outside in the park area of Leicester Square, so we had a drool at those before heading to the entrance of the 'Blue' carpet. Sadly I didn't have my camera, only my phone, so the photos aren't great quality.

I wear: Primark dress, Zara Office City Bag, Yull Cornbury Shoes

 Just a liiiiiittle bit excited! M looks super scared.

Our seats right at the back - best seats, we could see everything going on, and as we discussed, we didn't have to worry about anyone behind us murdering us while we watched the film.

 The cast making their speeches - I have a video of Vin Diesel's speech which I'll upload soon!

The film was ah-mazing! I'm a huge Fast and Furious fan, I'm a massive car geek and have a rather large list of dream cars, both old classics and new ones. You have to go see it when it's out in cinemas in a couple of weeks. And I can not wait for Fast and Furious 7!



  1. how do you end up at so many awesome events!? Cant say im a fast and furious fan myself, but still uber jealous!x


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