Thursday, 16 May 2013

Black Cat Cabaret - Cafe de Paris.

I had kindly been invited to go and see the Black Cat Cabaret at Cafe de Paris, so last Friday Alex, Claire and I went along to see the show, have a catch-up, and just let-go after a busy week! It was great fun, Cafe de Paris is one of the oldest nightclubs in London, with the likes of Frank Sinatra going there back in the day. My Nanny and Great-Grandparents even went there, so it was pretty amazing going to a club that they also went to. 

The show included singers, dancers, a comedian, mime artist, gymnast, burlesque dancer, hula-hoopist and aerialist. The hula-hoopist and aerialist were our favourites, they were just amazing! 

After the show they had an after party in the club, which has beds in it. Naturally we had to take photos.

We had a really great night, it was something a bit different to the usual night out clubbing, and Alex and Claire loved it! What I will say is get there early, the seats go quickly and you might end up standing for 2 hours if you don't grab one! Also the drinks are super expensive. Apart from that it was a fantastic evening and really entertaining, plus the tickets are only £15 from their website, and that includes entry to the club after - bargain! Let me know if you end up going!


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