Monday, 13 May 2013

A Family Day by the Seaside.

Yesterday I headed down to the coast for some quality family time at the seaside, as my brother was playing in a concert at Eastbourne Bandstand with the South-West Surrey Concert Band. We picked up my Nanny on the way down, (who, by the way, is fast becoming my blog's biggest fan), and headed over to Beachy Head before going on to Eastbourne. Thankfully it didn't rain until after the concert this year (every year it rains), so we grabbed fish and chips, ate it on the beach with plastic forks, before treating ourselves to an ice-cream.

While Chris got ready for his performance Nanny and I went through the photos we'd been taking and she told me I had to put this one up and say 'That's me and my artistic Nanny' (she is actually very artistic - amazing at drawing, painting and knitting!). So, here it is!

Dylan loves the beach and swimming in the sea, but sadly at Eastbourne dogs aren't allowed on the beach :( so he looked a bit glum sitting on the path watching everyone else on the beach.

We were all a bit naughty and gave Dylan far too many treats. He had a chip, some fish, and a bit of ice-cream that fell on the floor. Then Nanny decided to let him drink some tea from her cup - she's so irresponsible! Thankfully he survived the ordeal.

But seriously, how can you say no to this face?!

I was a very proud sister watching him play the drums. He's been playing since he was 6 years old and is doing his Grade 8 this year in drums and percussion. He's one of those kids who's got this insane talent that just amazes everyone he plays for, at 6 years old we were told he had natural rhythm, yet it still leaves me dumbstruck when he recognizes and names a song just from the first couple of beats. I'm always most impressed when he plays the Timpani's, they always look so difficult with the different notes being on different areas of the drum, and all the pedals etc. 

I love family days out like this, it's nice just to relax and make the most of being together!



  1. Lovely pics! Looks like such a nice day, and Dylan is adorable! Hope your nanny had finished with her tea by the time he had his drink, haha.
    It's so nice to see pictures taken when the sun is shining, fingers crossed there'll be more good weather to come soon.
    Mel x

    1. It was beautiful, it did pour down with rain just as we were leaving though! Yes, haha, she didn't want any more :P

      I hope so!

      C x

  2. Fish & Chips and the beach, what a lovely weekend.
    I'm so impressed of your granny and her techy abilities....mine's just about got her head around emails!
    x x


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