Sunday, 14 April 2013

RockRen Birthday Bash and The Box.

Now I wasn't originally going to do a post about this, but as it was such an awesome night, I've just got to share it. Last Friday was Diego's birthday, and as it was a big number, he threw a rather amazing charity birthday bash called RockRen in aid of Kid's Company, who help deprived children and their parents who are unable to care for them. The event raised over £6,000, and featured an acoustic performance from Hugh from The Kooks, and Diego's actress/singer girlfriend Olivia Grant. The frozen margaritas flowed throughout the night while we chatted to the likes of Eddie Redmayne and Billy Zane. 

Lotte Brouwer and Catherine Lux at Diego Bivero-Volpe's birthday
Lotte and I

Lotte Brouwer, Duncan Forbes and Catherine Lux at Diego Bivero-Volpe's Birthday
Lotte, D and I

Hugh from The Kooks playing an acoustic set at Diego Bivero-Volpe's birthday
Hugh from The Kooks playing an acoustic set
As the event was held in an art gallery it finished around midnight, and then it was on to the after-party at the impossible to get into celebrity haunt, The Box, where the party really got started. My friends and I lost the others when we got to The Box, as we somehow managed to attach ourselves to a guy who seemed to be someone big within the club. We were just standing by him near the door as he was ushering his friends inside, when all of a sudden we were mistaken for being a part of his group and whisked through the double wooden doors, marks were put on our hands...and these marks got us absolutely everywhere in the club. Roped off sections? Yep. Private rooms? Yep. The completely full theatre? We walked straight past the huge queue of people who had gotten through the wooden doors but were being refused entry into the theatre, and were led inside and up the top to the VIP bar. 

Now, Nanny and Grandma, stop reading right now. If you continue reading, I won't answer to any complaints or expressions of horror at the places I frequent!

The Box is known as the 'Theatre of Varieties'. It's essentially a modern day freak show. It's a cabaret and burlesque where absolutely anything goes. Do not go here sober. You have been warned. Photos aren't allowed in The Box (one girl who took one had her phone taken off her), but Lotte managed to sneak this one when no one was looking...

Sadly your insight into The Box ends there, this club is super secretive and I kinda wanna help them keep it that way. But I'll give you a clue into how insane this place really is...we danced on a dance podium covered in blood that had just been splattered onto us from a woman's head as she spun naked above us by her hair. I vommed a little in my mouth, before unashamedly dancing on there with my friends until the early hours. 

Despite everything we saw, I absolutely loved it - I felt as though I'd stepped back into the Belle Epoque/Moulin Rouge era, and boy did it feel like an awesome time to be partying. It's definitely not a club for the faint hearted, nor one you would frequent on a regular basis. But every now and again? If you can stomach it, definitely.



  1. This is very random, but I love your hair!
    Adela x

  2. You're making me miss London SO SO MUCH. I'd love to go back and do all the awesome things like go to the box again </3 x

  3. Looks like you had a great night and The Box sounds like somewhere I would love to go :)


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