Monday, 8 April 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Yesterday was my last full day in Perth. I leave for London in a few hours, so have spent the past couple of days doing what I love most - on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and with a quick run up to the lookout over the river. I've had an amazing trip and hope you've enjoyed my posts. Here's a snapshot of my last day in my home down under...

I went up to Kings Park for a stroll - I always go here every time I come to Perth, just to get a photo of the skyline. It changes constantly and I always find it really interesting comparing the photos every time it changes.

Then I went down to the Floreat Beach by my old house for lunch...

On Floreat Beach is a cafe and restaurant called The Kiosk. I used to work here during my school days when it was Costa Azzura, and I loved working there so much. The owners treated us all like family, and the food was ah-mazing. Since it changed owners the food is still really good, but also super expensive. A take-away Calamari and Chips with a bottle of water came to around $18 (£13), probably the most expensive take-away I've ever had. Although tasty, I was a bit disappointed that the calamari wasn't as good as it was when Dennis used to cook it.

I'll miss you Perth, see you again next year.



  1. Can you bring some warmth back with you and a bit of sun if there's room in your case?!

  2. Ahh how lovely that you got some sun! :)

  3. Yeah i agree, please, please, please, bring back some warmth with you. We need it over here.

  4. I'm loving these posts, I cant wait till December when we fly out ( although not looking forward to more long haul flights :( ) xxx

  5. Hope your journey back wasn't too painful, nor the shock from the chilliness that is STILL going on here!! Oh how I wish we had days like that here in Blighty...! x


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