Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Grill'd Burgers.

If you're a burger lover, you'd love it in Western Australia. Perth and its surrounding suburbs have some pretty awesome burger places, and my favourites have to be Bilby's and Grill'd. Today I'm sharing Grill'd with you, I'll save Bilby's for next time I'm over - I don't want to give you everything at once! ;)

Grill'd is a group of chain restaurants all over Australia, and they're growing at an alarming rate due to the popularity of their tasty and healthy burgers. I've been desperate for them to come to London for the past couple of years now, ever since I first tasted their burgers when they opened in the Claremont Quarter, so I hope they finally make it over soon! 

Last week some friends and I went for dinner at the Subiaco restaurant to feed my 'Simon-Says' craving. A grilled chicken breast burger with avocado, crispy trim bacon, salad, relish and herbed mayo, it's healthy and filling and doesn't make you feel guilty for eating it. (I only had my phone on me so I'm afraid you'll have to put up with bad quality photos! Sorry!)

Grill'd 'Simon Says' Burger and Fries
As well as great burgers they also do the most amazing chunky chips seasoned with rosemary and sea salt. They're probably some of the best chips I've tasted, and the herb aioli is perfect for dipping. Also with the burgers you have a choice of two different types of bread, which I love!

If you're in Australia, definitely check them out! I promise you won't be disappointed! Have you tried Grill'd?

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