Thursday, 4 April 2013

Gold Bar, Subiaco.

*Drum roll* So this is my very first review of a club outside of London! *Gasp*

Whilst I love London's nightlife and clubbing scene, it's always interesting to see what other countries have to offer. I've been going to the clubs in Western Australia since I was 17 and thought I was super cool getting in with my fake ID (shhhh!), however sadly the rules are much stricter now in regards to ID here, so it's super hard for anyone to get in (I have to carry around my passport as even my UK drivers license isn't good enough). 

Anywho, last week a big group of us went to The Newport (an old favourite) and The Clink in Fremantle, and it got pretty messy. We got back too late so couldn't stay at Cait's, so about five of us all crashed at H's place. I'd missed nights like that so much with my Aussie friends, and felt in need of another one, so last night Anna and I decided to go dancing and have a girls night with just the two of us. We went to Gold Bar, where Rihanna, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, and The Pussycat Dolls have all danced the night away. At first glance the club itself is cool, the design inside is awesome, but it's a little worn and shabby and could do with a makeover. Apart from that it's a truly great club with fab music, and we had an awesome night!

We got there really early, at around 10pm, to start drinking them out of champagne (which to be fair wasn't badly priced - $10 for a glass of Moet), and it finally got busy around 11:30. It was their 'famous' night, which is their hip hop and rnb night, and the music was perfect to dance to, a good mix of mainstream and not so mainstream. We had an absolute blast and carried on partying until 2:30am when the club was empty again. 

I even mustered up the courage to try my hand at DJing, and I have to say, I think I should turn professional.

So after spending some time as the DJ, we grabbed more champagne and danced our little socks off until it was time to climb into the taxi and head home. Oh, and ya know what the worst thing was about the whole night? Apparently they're not allowed to serve Jagerbombs! What's with that!? 

This was the last photo taken, clearly I was just a wee bit sleepy and slightly *ahem* tipsy by this point! 

We spent today nursing our hangovers on the beach in 32 degree weather, eating muffins and sorbet, and I thought it would be a really great idea to go swimming in the ocean, where I was promptly stung by jellyfish and stingers! Ouch! 


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