Friday, 5 April 2013

Daisies & Beach.

After going to Gold Bar Wednesday night A and I needed a hangover cure. Cue Daisies Muffins (food porn below) and the beach in 32 degree heat. Daisies is a little deli and lunch bar in Cottesloe that's been around for years, and they're famous for their muffins. It changed hands a while ago, and whilst it used to be a local institution, it isn't as good as it used to be, but sometimes you just need that Daisies muffin! This was one of those occasions.

We grabbed a breakfast muffin and raspberry and white chocolate muffin and headed down to the beach to catch some rays and go for a swim. Going for a swim was a big mistake, although Cott is one of the best swimming beaches and an old favourite of ours, the ocean was full of jellyfish and stingers, and then a shark helicopter went overhead, boo :(

Daisies Breakfast Muffin. | Follow on Instagram.

Daisies White Choc and Raspberry Muffin | Follow on Instagram.
The beach definitely cured the hangover, it always does! I think the heat sweats it out of you *nods* 

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