Sunday, 28 April 2013

Couleur Caramel Eye Cleansing Veil.

Still on the hunt for natural skincare products, I came across Couleur Caramel and their Eye Cleansing Veil which is a natural eye make-up remover for sensitive eyes. 

Couleur Caramel are a French natural makeup and beauty brand, and I've been using their eye cleansing veil for a few weeks now and I love it. Unlike other makeup removers it hasn't affected my eczema or irritated my skin at all. It removes all my thick eye makeup with no problem at all, and I find it really softening on the skin as well. It has a really pleasant scent and feels nice and cooling and soothing to apply. 

To use this I tend to dampen a cotton pad with a little water, then pour a few drops of the cleansing veil onto the damp cotton pad, before wiping gently across my eyes. I also use it on my face as well as my eyes sometimes if I want something a little gentler on my skin rather than my usual makeup removing wipes (sorry, I know a lot of people hate wipes, but I love them!). 

You can buy it from Andrea Hutchins' site here for just £15 for a 125ml bottle. They recently changed the packaging so if you buy it don't be surprised if it looks different to the photos above! 

Have you tried any of Couleur Caramel's products?


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