Friday, 5 April 2013

Australia Beauty Haul.

I'm on a roll with my firsts! Yesterday you were treated to my first nightclub review outside of London, and now you've got my very first haul! So if you've followed my blog for a while you may remember my struggle with searching for natural but affordable cosmetics and skincare in England. There are a a lot of brands out there, but many are online, or in major department stores (ie; not in superdrug or boots), or just way too expensive. Some even contain hidden chemicals despite advertising themselves as natural and organic.

The first day I got back to Australia I headed to Priceline as I needed a new foundation. Priceline is basically like Superdrug. In the past I've never really noticed their huge collection of brands, I've mainly just gone straight for Covergirl or Max Factor etc, but this time I was on the lookout for anything natural, and oh em gee did I find a lot! They had an entire row full of natural cosmetic and skincare brands! They even had Aesop and Sukin in there! I managed to restrain from buying too much, but here's what I did get! I'll be doing separate reviews on all of them, so keep an eye out! 

Sooo I may have gone a leeettle crazy at the Nude by Nature Cosmetics stand! I got Nude by Nature;
- Cleanser
- 3x lipglosses (only two shown, other was in the car)
- Papaw Ointment
- Natural Mineral Cover (aka foundation)
- Primer
- Tinted moisturiser
- Bronzer
- Mineral Veil (setting powder)
- Mineral powder brush

I also got a Nature's Care Pawpaw balm. I can't get enough of pawpaw and after discovering that my favourite Lucas' pawpaw ointment contains Petroleum, I'm now super happy I've found two that are natural and don't contain nasties!

I got a large full-sized natural mineral cover and I also got a mini one as it came in a set with the other mini's.

Have you heard of Nude by Nature? Have you tried them?



  1. Wow, haul and a half there! lol I've not heard of this brand, but then again I didn't look at a lot of brands when I was in Australia as I found them to be quite expensive compared to the UK. What do you think?

    1. Yes definitely, most of the beauty and skincare products here are super expensive compared to the UK prices! They have a few that you can't get in the UK though, especially when it comes to natural brands.

      C x

  2. I saw Nude being advertised on a morning show when I was in Aus! Do let me know what you think of the brand. It was one of those promotions where you call now and you get extra products, a lot of them being full sized. Seems to good to be true so keep us updated!

  3. Oh I want to havea pawpaw

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    Danica Stark


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