Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Stroll in the City.

Yesterday was a bit of a busy day, I had a meeting in the City at 10am, then I had an appointment at Maxeem (my favourite hair and beauty salon) at 1:30pm, and then I had to pick up my hire car at 5pm before going to dinner at 7pm. Perth City isn't that big, definitely not big enough to spend that many hours in, so in between all my appointments I got the train to Harbourtown and Cottesloe to pass the time. Let me take you on my journey in this oversized town that likes to call itself a City...

I got into the city really early and went for an iced chocolate at Riverside Cafe which is right on the river. Iced Chocolate's are literally my favourite drink ever, you can see the recipe here.

After my iced chocolate I wandered back to the city past the bell-tower and through the park.

After my meeting I went to Harbourtown, which is an outlet centre one stop on the train from the City. They always have really great bargains there, and this time I was super happy to see they also have Mimco and Peter Alexander outlet stores there now! I'm not ashamed to say I love a good bargain, and managed to get the most amazing pair of PJs from Peter Alexander for just $23 instead of their original $79! As you know I love my Cadillac's and classic cars, so when I saw these I had to have them.

After some shopping it was back to the City for lunch at my favourite lunch bar. In Australia the trick is to ignore the chain cafes and restaurants, and go to the little unassuming lunch bars that look really unhygenic and kinda dirty. It's at these places you'll usually get the best handmade toasties and sandwiches. This little place on the side of the street is always full of the city workers as tourists tend to ignore it, but they do the most amazing chicken, cheese and avocado toasty. I grabbed one and wandered into the government house grounds to fill my belly before my eyebrow appointment at Maxeem.

The old with the new...
After lunch and my appointment, I got the train to Cottesloe to go to my bank (really boring eh), and then went back to the City to pick up my hire car. I ordered a Hyundai as I have one at home so know how to drive it (in Hyundai's everything is the wrong way round to normal cars), but they gave me a bashed up automatic Kia (and it's literally covered in scratches and dents - not happy!), which resulted in me humiliating myself when I had to ask them how to drive it...before I revved the engine and bunny hopped out of the hire place with my wind screen wipers going as I tried to signal. I swear I've had my license for 3 years! But seriously, manual's are SO much easier to drive than automatics! Thankfully I eventually got the hang of it and am now whizzing around the suburbs like the old days. Now fingers crossed I don't have an accident...otherwise I'm going to be $3000 out of pocket :/

Anywho, I had some time before I was due at the adopted family's house for dinner, so grabbed a Brownes choc chill (amazing drink!) from the shop and headed to the beach to watch the sun set.

After the sun had set I jumped back into my hire car and drove down that familiar road to my adopted family's house for dinner. The adopted family are the family of my brother's best friend - when we lived in Perth his best friend Ben was round our house so often Ben used to joked that we were his 'adopted family', and as our families were close, the phrase stuck - all of us kids call each others families our adopted family. It was lovely meal full of laughing and catching up and reminiscing about the school days. Today was a busy day but a really lovely one.



  1. Oh those PJs are just awesome! love all of the photos.

  2. Your photos of Aus are seriously getting me itching to book flights. It looks amazing. I'm very jealous!

  3. Looks like an amazing chocolate drink, wouldn't mind sipping that on a beach at some point. Looks like you are having a great time :-) xx


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