Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Quote of The Week #14.

A little mid-week Quote of the Week for y'all! 

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

22nd Birthday Celebrations.

I literally can't believe it's been an entire year since my 21st Birthday, it's gone by so quickly, and so many things have happened in the past year! If you followed my blog a year ago you may remember that I was really sick on my last birthday, so this birthday, I made up for it big time! I spent my actual birthday at work (they got me a cake though - woo!), then last night I went to Barbarella with around 25 of my closest friends. You may remember I went to the launch party when it opened back in October, you can see that post here

Now, I'm a huuuuge fan of Barbs, it's an awesome bar and club on the Fulham Road that feels as though you're having a party in your friends house. However, I started the day having my hair done by my amazing friend Daniel who works for Toni & Guy. I desperately needed it cut as I haven't had it done for about 6 months (bad, I know), so it was all gross. After cutting it he styled it for me too, and he did it all using GHD's - it amazes me what you can do with them!

How amazing is it what a good hair cut and a bit of makeup can do?! ;)
FOTN: Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, MAC Studio Fix Powder, Bourjous Blusher in Amber Rose, Max Factor Mascara, B. Liquid eyeliner, Inika eyeshadows, Bobbi Brown lipstick.

After getting my hair done I headed into London and went for dinner with Arabella at Aubaine on Brompton Road, Claire was meant to join us but she got stuck on a train on the way down from oop north. The food was lovely, Aubaine is such a great place for a chilled out dinner. 

After dinner we headed to Barbarella for party timeeee! The one bad thing about birthdays is everyone insists on buying you a drink, so I got very drunk, very quickly. I had a really awesome time though and I'm so grateful to my amazing friends for helping me make up for last years disaster!

My dress is one I picked up when I was back in Australia recently. It's from Dotti, and is now in the sale :( Don't you just hate it when that happens!?

This is M, he's absolutely hilarious. You'd all love him.

We spent hours and hours dancing the night away! The DJ played awesome tunes, and the cocktails at Barbarella are ah-mazing!

The staff at Barbs were amazing, everything just went so smoothly, and all my friends got in no problem no matter what time they arrived. And despite the fact I was so drunk I was asking them to hurry up and open the club area so we could dance, and then asleep on the sofa at one point, they weren't nasty about it like some clubs get when you're way too drunk. They understood it was my birthday and I was there to have a good time, and did what they could to ensure that. 

After dancing and when our tummies started rumbling, we headed to VQ for food. I eventually got to sleep at 4am, and am now sitting on the sofa eating Thorntons chocolate birthday cake and watching Dreamgirls. I had a really awesome birthday, and am feeling very blessed to have such amazing family and friends! 


Sunday, 14 April 2013

RockRen Birthday Bash and The Box.

Now I wasn't originally going to do a post about this, but as it was such an awesome night, I've just got to share it. Last Friday was Diego's birthday, and as it was a big number, he threw a rather amazing charity birthday bash called RockRen in aid of Kid's Company, who help deprived children and their parents who are unable to care for them. The event raised over £6,000, and featured an acoustic performance from Hugh from The Kooks, and Diego's actress/singer girlfriend Olivia Grant. The frozen margaritas flowed throughout the night while we chatted to the likes of Eddie Redmayne and Billy Zane. 

Lotte Brouwer and Catherine Lux at Diego Bivero-Volpe's birthday
Lotte and I

Lotte Brouwer, Duncan Forbes and Catherine Lux at Diego Bivero-Volpe's Birthday
Lotte, D and I

Hugh from The Kooks playing an acoustic set at Diego Bivero-Volpe's birthday
Hugh from The Kooks playing an acoustic set
As the event was held in an art gallery it finished around midnight, and then it was on to the after-party at the impossible to get into celebrity haunt, The Box, where the party really got started. My friends and I lost the others when we got to The Box, as we somehow managed to attach ourselves to a guy who seemed to be someone big within the club. We were just standing by him near the door as he was ushering his friends inside, when all of a sudden we were mistaken for being a part of his group and whisked through the double wooden doors, marks were put on our hands...and these marks got us absolutely everywhere in the club. Roped off sections? Yep. Private rooms? Yep. The completely full theatre? We walked straight past the huge queue of people who had gotten through the wooden doors but were being refused entry into the theatre, and were led inside and up the top to the VIP bar. 

Now, Nanny and Grandma, stop reading right now. If you continue reading, I won't answer to any complaints or expressions of horror at the places I frequent!

The Box is known as the 'Theatre of Varieties'. It's essentially a modern day freak show. It's a cabaret and burlesque where absolutely anything goes. Do not go here sober. You have been warned. Photos aren't allowed in The Box (one girl who took one had her phone taken off her), but Lotte managed to sneak this one when no one was looking...

Sadly your insight into The Box ends there, this club is super secretive and I kinda wanna help them keep it that way. But I'll give you a clue into how insane this place really is...we danced on a dance podium covered in blood that had just been splattered onto us from a woman's head as she spun naked above us by her hair. I vommed a little in my mouth, before unashamedly dancing on there with my friends until the early hours. 

Despite everything we saw, I absolutely loved it - I felt as though I'd stepped back into the Belle Epoque/Moulin Rouge era, and boy did it feel like an awesome time to be partying. It's definitely not a club for the faint hearted, nor one you would frequent on a regular basis. But every now and again? If you can stomach it, definitely.


Saturday, 13 April 2013

B. Dramatic Bold Liquid Eyeliner.

So since my issues with eczema worsened last year, I've been on a mission to find more natural products with less harsh chemicals in them. So far I'm pretty happy with everything I've found, especially recently, so expect more reviews and maybe a page dedicated to my favourite natural products. I've been using the B. Dramatic Bold Liquid Eyeliner for a couple of months now, and I love it, it hasn't irritated my eyes at all, whereas my old No7 one used to terribly. And the best thing? It's only £3.99 from Superdrug.

All B. products are paraben-free, cruelty free, and suitable for vegans. The ingredients in this eyeliner are; Aqua, Acrylates Copolymer, Glycerin, Propanediol, Chlorphenesin, Tocopheryl Acetate, CI 77266.

The liner is a felt tip pen, and goes on really easily, although sometimes I do find it catches the skin in the outer corner of the eye. Its lasting power is amazing, as an example; I went out last night, I put the eyeliner on at 8pm, and it was still on at 9am this morning with no retouches and it still looked as good as it did when I put it on the previous night. 

The only negative about the B. Dramatic Bold Liquid Eyeliner is that if you put foundation over your eyes first, the liner doesn't go on properly and looks a little 'patchy' and the colour isn't as strong as it is if you put it on clean eyelids.

I'd recommend this product to anyone, especially those who want a product that's paraben-free, cruelty free, and affordable! I also love their website as they list all the ingredients in all of their products. At only £3.99 you can't really go wrong. You can buy it online from Superdrug, or in select stores. 

Have you tried any B. products?


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Grill'd Burgers.

If you're a burger lover, you'd love it in Western Australia. Perth and its surrounding suburbs have some pretty awesome burger places, and my favourites have to be Bilby's and Grill'd. Today I'm sharing Grill'd with you, I'll save Bilby's for next time I'm over - I don't want to give you everything at once! ;)

Grill'd is a group of chain restaurants all over Australia, and they're growing at an alarming rate due to the popularity of their tasty and healthy burgers. I've been desperate for them to come to London for the past couple of years now, ever since I first tasted their burgers when they opened in the Claremont Quarter, so I hope they finally make it over soon! 

Last week some friends and I went for dinner at the Subiaco restaurant to feed my 'Simon-Says' craving. A grilled chicken breast burger with avocado, crispy trim bacon, salad, relish and herbed mayo, it's healthy and filling and doesn't make you feel guilty for eating it. (I only had my phone on me so I'm afraid you'll have to put up with bad quality photos! Sorry!)

Grill'd 'Simon Says' Burger and Fries
As well as great burgers they also do the most amazing chunky chips seasoned with rosemary and sea salt. They're probably some of the best chips I've tasted, and the herb aioli is perfect for dipping. Also with the burgers you have a choice of two different types of bread, which I love!

If you're in Australia, definitely check them out! I promise you won't be disappointed! Have you tried Grill'd?

Grill'd Subiaco on Urbanspoon

Monday, 8 April 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Yesterday was my last full day in Perth. I leave for London in a few hours, so have spent the past couple of days doing what I love most - on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and with a quick run up to the lookout over the river. I've had an amazing trip and hope you've enjoyed my posts. Here's a snapshot of my last day in my home down under...

I went up to Kings Park for a stroll - I always go here every time I come to Perth, just to get a photo of the skyline. It changes constantly and I always find it really interesting comparing the photos every time it changes.

Then I went down to the Floreat Beach by my old house for lunch...

On Floreat Beach is a cafe and restaurant called The Kiosk. I used to work here during my school days when it was Costa Azzura, and I loved working there so much. The owners treated us all like family, and the food was ah-mazing. Since it changed owners the food is still really good, but also super expensive. A take-away Calamari and Chips with a bottle of water came to around $18 (£13), probably the most expensive take-away I've ever had. Although tasty, I was a bit disappointed that the calamari wasn't as good as it was when Dennis used to cook it.

I'll miss you Perth, see you again next year.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ootong and Lincoln, Fremantle.

The breakfast and brunch scene in Freo is the best in WA. Fact. There are so many places it's difficult to choose which one to go to, but luckily Cait knows me so well she told me we had to go to this place, Ootong & Lincoln. It was love at first sight... colourful Zebras on the outside wall, what's not to love!? But it wasn't just the decor that grabbed me, the food really was incredible. The pancakes were the most amazing I've ever eaten...

I had the Chocolate Banana Pancakes with Caramel Sauce and Pecans. Heaven. Literally, heaven. I had the biggest Gregory (food baby) ever afterwards, but it was so, so worth it.

Cait had the Sourdough toast with Avocado and Rocket which not only looked incredible but tasted amazing too - I don't know what dressing they put on the avocado, but it was delicious!

As well as the awesome food, the fresh juices were also really tasty! You could mix the flavours together at no extra cost, so I had Orange, Apple and Lemon. Yumsk! Plus they come in these cute mini jugs with a straw.

The interior is typical Freo; hipster-ish, trendy, and totally cool. The cafe has random pieces of retro and vintage furniture - almost every table and chair is different, the lights are hung up in jars, and there are awesome pieces of art on the walls.

I just could not get enough of the Zebras, so I made Cait stand in front of them. So incredibly jealous of her tan! I had a tan like that once, I swear!

The rest of the day was spent in the back yard laying in the sunshine helping Cait with her Uni revision and keeping her doggy Indie entertained. She's a Dingo mix, isn't she just gorgeous!?

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