Friday, 29 March 2013

Rotto, Australia.

The other day Anna and I headed over to Rottnest Island for the day. It's a little paradise island about a half hour ferry ride from Fremantle near Perth. You can stay there overnight and for days/weeks at a time, but as I don't have much time here this time I'm in Australia, we just went for a day trip. We got the first ferry out and the last ferry back, and spent the day lazing on the beaches of this beautiful island and eating a lot of yummy food! We also befriended a Quokka or two, but our favourite was definitely Bill.

This is Bill the amazing is he! He's definitely smiling. He loved us.

"Now then Bill, you can only have this piece of twig you desperately want, if you stop running away from me, ok?"

As we got to the Island so early we headed to Dome for breakfast. They do awesome breakfasts!

After breakfast we headed to the beaches! It was a bit chilly and cloudy in the morning, around 18 degrees, but throughout the day it got warmer until it reached about 24 in the arvo. We started at The Basin, before heading to Salmon Bay, and eventually Ricey Beach.

 We had a pretty good picnic...

Solo is my favourite soft drink, ever.

and the Rotto Bakery does the most amazing pies!

The sun decided to come out for  a little while, so we headed to Ricey Beach where I managed to go swimming - yay! Sadly the clouds came back though....

We then missed the bus back to the main town, so had to hang out at the bus stop for half an hour.

Cue taking photos while we waited...

When the bus finally arrived we headed back to the Rottnest Hotel in the main area to have a drink in the pub there. It was blissful sitting overlooking the bay with a glass of wine in hand.

After drinks we grabbed a humongous carrot cake from the bakery and ate it on the beach while waiting for our ferry.

Such a fun day, see ya soon Rotto! 



  1. Aww,Bill is adorable. This looks like an amazing place to visit too! :)

    1. Isn't he a cutie!? It's such a beautiful place!

      C x

  2. Cutest animal ever. I love the quokka, I'd love to go to Australia!

    1. They're so adorable! Oh you must go at some point - Rottnest is definitely one for the bucket list!

      C x

  3. Got to Freemantle which I really liked, I missed out on Rottnest unfortunately, Adelaide was probably my favourite place, and amazing indoor fruit market there which I spent a lot of time wandering around, the blog is good BTW


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