Monday, 4 March 2013

When in Paris.

Last week the girls and I headed off to Paris for a girls trip filled with sights, food, and cocktails! Ursula is at Uni there and has a gorgeous little Parisian apartment, so we all bunked down together and had a really fabulous four days together. With uni, work and life getting in the way of everything, it was nice to spend some real quality time with the girls I've grown up with all through school.

We got into the habit of eating fresh baguettes covered in Camembert cheese and blueberry jam every evening before going out for dinner and cocktails. We also found a really awesome bottle of wine!

The strongest cocktail I've ever had in my life. With a glowstick in it.

We'd all been to Paris before so we just visited the main sights that we wanted to see and soaked up the streets and atmosphere!

Bag is from here.
Coat from French Connection years ago.

Of course we made a visit to Gallery Lafayette! I absolutely love this Louis Vuitton display!

There was also a really cool art exhibition in Lafayette!

A visit to the Eiffel Tower was a must!

And the Sacre Coeur was just the most incredible cathedral! I'd never been to Montmarte before so it was lovely to do something different to last time I was in Paris!

After sitting outside the Notre Dame staring up at it and trying to remember the names of the three Gargoyles, we all decided we needed to watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame again!

We also went to the local student bar one night which had a really awesome DJ, and four euro cocktails (score!). We also ate waaaayyy too much food! From crepes filled with caramelized apple to butter croissants, chocolate cream eclairs and macaroons. We ate until we had food comas. We also went to Angelina's and had their amazing Hot Chocolate which tastes like rich and creamy chocolate sauce!

Ursula cooked us a lovely dinner one night - pasta with
prawns and veggies in a white wine sauce.

Macaroon tower!

The bestie and I at a cute cafe by the Eiffel Tower

Croissants and Hot Chocolate

Huge Pistachio Macaroon!
I think my favourite part was going to the Louvre at night! It was so much quieter than during the day, and was very calming wandering around with it night time outside and the lights twinkling. 

Every time I see the Mona Lisa I'm still a little surprised by the size of her.

On our last night we headed out of town and found a gorgeous little restaurant called Le Petit Bal Perdu. It was the perfect restaurant with a buzzing atmosphere. During daylight it looks unassuming and unimpressive, but at night it turns into a vibrant scene full of locals and the food is incredible!!! There's also a waitress there who speaks English which was a huge help for the likes of me who can only say "c'est delicioux merci!". I had the duck with cherries and sweet potato for mains (absolutely delicious - oh so tender and moist and the cherries went perfectly with the duck!), and for dessert I had a banana and chocolate crumble (a true taste sensation!). 

 We finished our trip to Paris strolling around the square at Saint Sulpice and having freshly baked butter croissants and hot chocolate. One thing's for sure, the French know how to make a damn good hot chocolate, and the croissants are heavenly! 

Au revoir Paris!

Oh, and before I go, check out my freakin' CADILLAC JUMPER! I'm a huuuuge fan of old classic Cadillac's, and have been since I was a child, so when I saw this jumper in Forever 21, I had to have it. Awesome, non?



  1. Looks like you had an incredible trip! Very envious, I'd love to do Paris properly- I've only been as a bit of a detour from Disneyland before so it'd be nice to actually stay in the city. I used to love the hunchback of notre dame when I was little, haven't seen it in years- you've made me want to watch it too now!
    Kaz x

    1. It was lovely! You should definitely go back and do the city, it's just so beautiful!

      C x

  2. I know when I went to Paris I was shocked at how SMALL the Mona Lisa was. ha

    Looks like you had a great time. Paris is awesome. :) I went to Sacre Couer too but made the mistake of walking up the stairs (chronic pain). lol

    I really want to go again!

    1. She really is tiny isn't she!

      Ooh no, it is a big climb, but so worth it!

      I want to go again too, there are so many things I still want to do there!

      C x

  3. I'd love to visit Paris, it all looks amazing!

    A little bit Unique



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