Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Australia - Instagram Updates.

So for the past couple of days I've been busy enjoying myself in the sunshine with friends. My first day back I had a lazy morning, relaxing by the pool with my aunty and uncle's dogs, unpacking, and stocking up on cherry ripes and lamingtons. I then went to the local shopping mall with Andrew, where we had my favourite; Red Rooster for lunch! Finally! After our unhealthy lunch we then went 'round the shops as Andrew needed some new things...and as usual, just like when we were in Vegas, I was an awful influence and he bought loads more than he originally planned. He even had to buy new hangers for everything! 

In the evening I went for dinner with an old friend in Fremantle, and then we drove up the coast to Cottesloe beach, after seeing the sculptures on the sand at Cott, I managed to persuade him to take me further up to the beach near my old house; City Beach, where I ran along the sand and dipped my toes into the crashing waves while the stars sparkled in the sky above. It was bliss.

Today I went to Rottnest for the day with one of my old school friends Anna. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow! So until then, here are a few little instagram update images!

The smell of the Peppy Trees is my favourite smell ever, the smell comes out more than ever after the rain.

I was really early for meeting C for dinner in Fremantle, so I had an amazing iced chocolate in Dome to pass the time!

Me on Ricey Beach at Rottnest Island. Rotto is one of my favourite places in the world, and we had a really great day just lazing around on the beach and eating lots of food!

 Solo is the best drink ever. Fact.

Ricey Beach on Rottnest is my favourite beach there, it's always empty and the water is crystal clear!

Ending the day with a glass of wine at the Rottnest Hotel Pub, overlooking the beach and Thompson Bay :)



  1. No, I forbid you to have a fabulous time while we're suffering from a 'White Easter'. COME HOME NOW.

    Joking, I'm extremely jealous. I hope you're having a fab time!

  2. What beautiful photos. It looks gorgeous out there!


  3. Look at that sunshine! I am very jealous. Looks like you are having a fab time :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I bet you had an amazing time :) I need some sunshine in my life! x


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