Friday, 22 March 2013

3 Cromwell Launch.

Last night was the launch party for 3 Cromwell, the new club that has replaced Dorsia, and the new club with Howard Spooner at its helm. Howard Spooner gave us PUBLIC and Dukebox, so he's a pretty cool guy in my eyes. The event turned out to be really great, and the bar and club are pretty awesome with a very risque Great Gatsby theme which I loved, but things unfortunately got off to a bad start. I hate writing bad things, but this I need to...

Usually at press night's and launch events at clubs the cloakroom is free, as are the drinks. I got to the cloakroom with two massive bags as I'd just come from work (the event started at 6:30am), and my huge winter coat, and was told it would cost me £6. Usually this wouldn't be an issue, but I had no cash on me and they didn't take cards. I was taking my stuff back and putting my coat back on (absolutely humiliating when there's a huge queue waiting behind you) when luckily a random guy took pity on me and very kindly offered to pay for it for me. If it hadn't been for him I would have been at the launch of a new club wearing a thick winter coat and carrying two huge and very heavy bags.

I thought I was being silly and over-reacting about being annoyed with the cloakroom situation, but we then met a couple of girls who were there with Marie Claire, so we were discussing all of this and it made me feel so much better for complaining and being put out by it! They had the same issue with the cloakroom. It's not the fact you had to pay, it's the fact that it's usually free so you turn up with no cash, then have to go through the embarrassment of having no cash and having to take your stuff back. So many people were walking around with all their bags and coats because they'd had the same problem! The next issue was that they were handing around canapes and mini burgers, and the burgers were raw in the middle and stone cold, that's just plain dangerous.

NOW. Away from the bad, and on to the GOOD! The venue? Awesome. The decor and design? Awesome. The music? Awesome. The staff? Awesome. Everything aside from the food and little niggles? Awesome. So, let me introduce you to 3 Cromwell, the hottest new bar in London town...

I wore black skinny jeans from ASOS, black heels, a black silk top and my new jacket which is a bit of a bargain from Dorothy Perkins!

The awesome band! No idea what they were called but I'll find out for you!

The girls and I

The awesome ceiling

Art work on the walls - this is an 'appropriate' piece of art. There were lots of really risque inappropriate pieces too!

Clearly I was having way too much fun!


There are three levels to 3 Cromwell, there's the club in the basement, the bar and outside area on the ground floor, and the bistro and bar on the first floor. The band were on the ground floor and then there was a jazz pianist and singer on the first floor. He was also really good, and I loved the atmosphere upstairs, it was really relaxed and chilled out. There are Great Gatsby quotes on the walls in neon, which is perfect with the film coming out soon!

Despite the bad start, we had a really fun night and will definitely be coming back to 3 Cromwell! Plus it's great for people watching and celeb spotting; Rizzle Kicks were there last night, and I'm adamant I saw Ronnie Wood there too! Apparently David Gandy was also there, but I didn't see him, which is probably a good thing as if I had I think I might have been thrown out for my actions.

If you fancy heading down there for the public launch this weekend email to get on the guestlist. The club is perfect for clubbing or if you want more of a piano bar atmosphere, and it's on Cromwell Road in South Kensington, right opposite the Natural History Museum and next to the tube station! You can also follow them on Twitter. Let me know if you head down there and what you think of it!



  1. I love your jacket! I've heard great things about Dorothy Perkins, so off to check their website out now!

    - Tabitha x

    1. Thanks lovely, it's gorge isn't it! Usually I'm not a fan but I'm really impressed with this season's collection!

      C x


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