Friday, 8 February 2013

Marc B Bag from Zalando.

I've literally been searching for the Marc B Chelsea bag in Boucle for forever, but it's sold out almost everywhere, and Marc B have now discontinued it. So when Zalando contacted me and asked if I fancied reviewing something for them, and I noticed this bag on their site, I jumped at the chance! Zalando are huge in Europe, bigger than ASOS in France and Germany, and they've just recently broken into the UK market. So, how was my experience with them?

Zalando gave me a voucher for the item so I could experience their website and tell you all how I found it. The website was easy to use, and although they don't have as big a choice as ASOS do, I still found they had some really great products and brands! The delivery was amazing - free delivery, and my item arrived in just 2 business days! It was carefully packaged, in a Zalando branded box and packed with bubble wrap.

So the product? Aghh I'm so in love! I got the Marc B Chelsea bag in black and white boucle. It's an oversized quilted bag that can be used with the long chain as a cross-body bag, or you can double the chain up and use it as a shoulder bag (what I've done). The bag is big and spacious, but light, and has two pockets for separating things into. It's also perfect for summer as the material won't stick to the skin when it's hot like leather does! How gorgeous is it! They still have a few in stock (but not many), so here's the link if you fancy treating yourself.

You all know how much I love bags, I have so many my mum hates it, but I just can't resist them! I can't wait to take this one to Australia with me - it's the perfect size :) not too big, but not too small. So would I use Zalando again? Yes, without a doubt. 

Have you used them before?



  1. Nice bag! No I've not used Zalando, your post is the first I have heard of them. I will pop by their website and have a peek!


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